New Dad-New Baby Connection

March 30, 2017

Dad; you’re still getting used to the term. You are having a baby. Some soon-to-be dads find themselves worried about how they will connect to their new mini. Mom has 9 long months to connect with her growing baby, so when it’s time to push them out there is already a loving bond between them. Dad is on the outside. He doesn’t get to nurture the little one with his body before birth or after. His connection with the new baby is only physical through DNA at this point. So how do dads build an instant relationship with their newborns just like Mom?


Written By Dani Haberly



There is prep work. Dad can connect with his voice while baby is in the womb. Throughout the pregnancy, talk to the fetus. Tell them stories and read to them each night. Sing them songs and feel the bump for kicks. This will help you mentally prepare for a little person to arrive, and will emotionally build a bond with your unborn child. As the fetus develops, they will begin to hear and recognize your voice. The idea is that after the birth, your baby will hear you and know who you are.

Help Mom with the nursery. Nesting is a totally legit way to connect with your almost mini. I’m sure she’ll want to pick the color, but you can paint! There are other ways you can join Mom in the prep of a new baby. Go with her to doctor’s appointments and birthing class; be her support system.



Your child is finally here. You and Mom have introduced a brand-new person into the world. In the delivery room, you will be handed a whaling bundle of goo covered baby. You will hold them dearly to your chest and there will be a moment. Your eyes will meet theirs and you will feel overwhelming joy. You will know without uncertainty that you’ve created this life, and it’s your job to protect them and raise them with a heart full of love the you before couldn’t have understood.

This feeling might take the backseat every now and again but it will never fade. When you take your baby home, you will swaddle and hold them. This will be the key to after birth connection. Hold them in your arms and rock your baby. Feeding time is also great for bonding. You may not be able to breastfeed, but as soon as they are keen on the bottle you will be ready to nurture.


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