Planting Kids in the Garden

June 1, 2017

It’s summer, and by now you probably have an impressive garden sprouting in the yard. Your seedlings are maturing and you’ve been watering diligently. Did you know you can plant all kinds of veggies even now? The start of summer is the perfect time to ground carrots, cucumbers and herbs like basil and thyme. And you know what else- kids make great little helpers in the garden!

It’s so very important to invite the minis to join us in the soil. Here are a few reasons why your little one needs their own pair of gardening gloves and a watering can today.


Written By Dani Haberly



Giving your toddler a job in the garden teaches them responsibility. This week, it’s their job to water the strawberries. Everyday after lunch, or school if they’re a bit older, tell them that the strawberries are thirsty and it’s time to take their watering can out to help! They will love having a role to play next to mom. As they grow, you will give them more and more responsibility. One day, they will take pride in their glorious creation, and be more inclined to start a garden of their very own someday.



When ready harvest is brought from backyard soil to kitchen table, we have the privilege of reaping the benefits of our labor as a family. Letting your child be a part of the growing process will give them an appreciation for sustainability and local farming. Our kids are the future. Starting them off on this path early will ensure that they live an ecofriendly lifestyle through adulthood. Drive them now to build a greener planet for their children.



From the beginning, the seed selection process is a creative one. Encouraging your little one to pick out their favorite seeds to plant will stimulate their creativity and imagination. The story of how a seed goes through changes to become a thriving plant can also be an opportunity to talk to your children about life. You can explain that once they were a little seed in your tummy and now they are growing above ground until one day when they’ll become a fruitful person that contributes to the community.



After washing those dirt covered toes in the bath, there’s nothing better than slipping on their all-natural, bamboo pajamas before bed. Cuddle them up in their favorite Kyte BABY blanket and tell them about what might sprout tomorrow.

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