Sleep Experts

Here at Kyte BABY, we care more about healthy sleep for children and their parents than anything else! That’s why we have partnered with the best sleep experts in the world to offer you consultations. Please consider reaching out to these sleep consultants if you and your family are lacking the proper sleep and are in need of some well deserved help!



Krista Guenther (Southern Ontario)


As a mother of three young children, Krista is a firm believer in the power of sleep to lead to happier and healthier family. Armed with the understanding of the basics for healthy sleep, Krista took her enthusiasm to train with the Family Sleep Institute. Through her studies and experiences, it’s her goal to improve the well being of each family. Krista takes an individualized approach with each client, ensuring to consider family goals and the temperament of the child.



The Happy Sleep Company 

Erin Junker (Eastern Ontario)


The Happy Sleep Company is founded on a firm belief that a well-rested family is a happier, healthier family. Erin is committed to working with exhausted parents to help them help their little ones get the healthy rest they need – that means getting amazing, uninterrupted nighttime sleep, and taking proper, restful naps, all within a supportive and guided 14-day program!

Erin is based in Ottawa, and is available for consultations worldwide via Skype and phone.

If you are experiencing sleep difficulties with your child, contact Erin to schedule a free 20-minute phone consultation where she can offer advice and support, and discuss exactly how she can help your little one and your whole family get the amazing, healthy sleep you deserve!