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10 DIY Halloween Costume Ideas Using Pajamas

It’s that time of the year! The mornings have a chill to them, the leaves are starting to change, and it’s time to figure out how you’ll turn your Kyte BABY pajamas into a Halloween costume! Re-using pajamas for a costume means you’ll get to save a little money and your child will be nice and comfortable on Halloween night!

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Midnight is probably the easiest color to get creative with! You could use a midnight footie, romper, body suit, or two piece pajama set to become a black cat, bat, spider and even Batman! For the black cat, you could make a tutu with a tail, throw on a headband with cat ears and you’re good to go. For batwings, you can cut the shape out of felt and and hot glue two strips of felt to wear like a backpack over each shoulder. For a spider, you can create 8 legs with fabric, stuffing, and fabric tape. Hot glue the legs onto a piece of fabric you can slip over your child’s midsection and they’re a friendly spider! Batman wouldn’t be Batman without a cape, so you can buy a small piece of fabric to use as a cape, create the batman sign with yellow and black felt, create two small holes for the corner of the fabric for the cape to tie into or hot glue onto the sign and you’ve got a wearable Batman signal/cape combo!

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Next up, pink pajamas! You could create the cutest little piggie with any of our pink pajamas including footies, rompers, and two piece pajama sets. I think petal, dusk, or blush would be the perfect pink. All you need is a pink headband with little felt ears attached, a snout made out of a paper cup colored pink, and string to tie around their head. If you have a little one who wouldn’t wear the pig nose, you could cut one out of a paper, glue it to a straw and they can hold it up to their face when they’re out trick or treating. Then you just need a pink pipe cleaner to create a perfect little pig tail.

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Don’t forget about using the color gray! If you’re a fan of the Wizard of Oz, our storm two piece pajama set would make the perfect Tin Man! Spray paint a funnel silver for a hat, throw on some silver face paint and your little one is Tin Man. Even better if you use our mustard or oat for Lion and clay for Scarecrow!


Who else thinks a mauve bodysuit would be perfect for an aerobics instructor?! All you need is a little sweatband and leg warmers or tights under the bodysuit! 


Another great use for mustard two piece pajama sets are emojis! All you need is fabric tape, felt, and you can create your favorite emoji. From the “cool” one with sunglasses and a smile, heart eyes, and winking, the sky is really the limit with this option.


I know candy corn gets a bad rep as Halloween candy, but imagine using a cloud knotted cap, squash body suit or pajama top, and mustard pajama bottoms from a two piece set! It’s the perfect combination for any baby or toddler.


Speaking of cloud knotted caps, combine that with teal and crimson and you’ve got yourself a sweet little Smurf! Even better if it’s a family of smurfs. 


To recap our DIY Halloween costumes using your Kyte BABY pajamas, you can use:


The list could go on and on, but I hope this gives you a good starting point in how to re-use your Kyte BABY pajamas as Halloween Costumes! Make sure you join Kyte KLUB on facebook for our Kyte Kostume Kontest (just remember, it has to prominently feature a Kyte BABY product).



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