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Three babies laying don wearing Kyte sleep bags

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First Post

100 Points

Baby awake laying down in their crib staring at the camera

5 Posts

500 points

A happy family wearing matching Kyte smiling

10 Posts

1000 Points

Two babies asleep laying down beside each other

15 Posts

1500 Points

Mother wearing matching pajamas holding here baby smiling at the camera

20 Posts

2000 points

Baby asleep wearing a Kyte sleep bag

Story Bonus

Post 10 Stories, Earn 500 Points

Four children wearing Kyte pajamas standing against a wall smiling for the camera

How It Works

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Post on Instagram. Share a photo or a video as you enjoy using your Kyte Baby products. Don't forget to tag @kytebaby

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Now comes the good part. Unlock the above rewards based on how much you share.

Post Rules

  • You must tag @kytebaby in your post. Tags must be visible and clickable.
  • The account you are posting from must be public so we can view your content, and must have previous posts.
  • Your posts must clearly show Kyte Baby items, with no other competing logos or brands featured.
  • For the TikTok Grow With Me Challenges, you must follow the content requirements and use the required hashtag for each tier in order to be eligible for rewards.
  • No more than 3 other tags in the post (excluding people).
  • Sleeping baby photos are some of our favorites, however we can only use photos that show a safe sleep environment.
  • If your baby is in a crib, the space must be bare and free of all toys, loveys, paci clips, hats, bows, bumpers, blankets or pillows.
  • Images of babies in infant nests (SnuggleMe, Dock-A-Tot, etc.) will not be approved.
  • If your child is asleep, they should be photographed in a safe sleep environment that aligns with current national safety recommendations for infant sleep.
  • The above standards are in place to ensure the safety of your baby, which is always our highest priority at Kyte Baby.

Terms & Conditions

  • To be eligible for rewards, you must complete the sign-up on this page and follow the post rules above.
  • By tagging us in your content, you give permission for your images to be re-shared for marketing purposes.
  • Only one post per day will count towards Instagram rewards.
  • Each activity can only be earned once.
  • This rewards program may be subject to change at any time.
Three babies sleeping wearing Kyte sleep bags
Three pregnant women smiling wearing Kyte Joggers
Mother and Father holding their child while standing in the woods wearing Kyte pajamas
Baby asleep in a crib wearing a Kyte sleep bag

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get rewarded and when?

Every time you reach a new reward tier, your reward will automatically land in your inbox of the email address you’ve registered with!

What are my reward credits eligible towards?

All reward credits are single use and redeemable on orders placed at

Can I announce this on my social media?

There’s no need to make an announcement post. If you’d like to let your audience know about the program, feel free to use the hashtag #kytebabyambassador and/or add it to your bio!

What happens if I post more than 20 times?

Ambitious! We love it! As the Kyte Baby Ambassador Program grows, we’ll be looking to add new rewards, challenges and other exciting surprises, so stay tuned.

Are Instagram stories included? What about IGTVs and Reels?

Only in-feed Instagram posts and stories are currently eligible for rewards. While you’re more than welcome to share additional content, these posts will not currently count towards the program.

Can I get rewarded for making TikToks?

Yes! Check out our TikTok Grow With Me Challenge Page for details!

What if I didn't receive my reward?

Please contact us at

How do I ensure my post is valid?

Ensure you are posting from a public account, tagging the correct brand, and following the post guidelines.

Are there order minimums required to use the rewards?

Currently, there are no order minimums, but we reserve the right to update the rewards program at any time. When you complete a rewards tier, you will receive an email confirming your reward, and your rewards balance will be updated in your account.