Are you Planning a Baby Shower? Here’s Three Fun Baby Shower Games!

Baby showers are a wonderful way of including friends and family in the celebration of a pregnant friend or family member. Pregnant women have a lot to organize before their baby comes into the world, so organizing a baby shower them is a great way of showing them your support. Whether you’re the expecting mother, someone who will be attending the shower, or the actual hostess, finding out about fun activities to entertain the guests will ensure it will be a day to remember for everyone involved.


Baby Shower Etiquette

Before finding out about three fun baby shower games for you to entertain guests with, it’s appropriate to allude to tradition where baby showers are concerned. This will help you organize an affair that won’t make anyone feel uncomfortable. For example, if it’s your first baby shower, how do you know when you should have it? Or who should organize it? These are reasonable questions to answer for anyone who is pregnant or simply the friend or relative of someone experiencing pregnancy for the first time.


Who Should Organize a Baby Shower?

The rules used to be a lot stricter, but it’s still a bit odd for the expecting mother to arrange her own shower. It used to be taboo for any close family member to arrange it because it seemed like an excuse to simply get gifts for the newborn baby without having to dip into family funds. However, nowadays it’s perfectly acceptable for pretty much anyone apart from the pregnant mother to arrange the shower.


When Should a Baby Shower Be Held?

It’s good etiquette to hold the baby shower before the newborn comes into the world. It should be arranged at least a month before the baby is due to arrive so that it is unlikely to make an early appearance. However, it shouldn’t be too soon into the pregnancy either. The best time to arrange one to be extra cautious is six to eight weeks before the due date.

However, you should always consult with the expecting mother as it is important that the date suits their schedule since they are the guest of honor. There is also absolutely nothing wrong with having a shower after the baby is born. Some people prefer this as the newborn can be involved in the celebrations. In all instances, consider the preferences of the pregnant friend or relative before starting to make concrete plans. Some women have difficult pregnancies and simply may not have the energy or inclination to engage in a social gathering before their newborn arrives, so make sure you take this into account.


Three Fun Baby Shower Games

Now that you’re more informed about the traditional rules which govern baby showers, how do you entertain the guests? You can serve food, and watching the expecting or new mother open her gifts will add to the fun, but if you really want to make the day extra special you should introduce some games into the mix. Here are three fun baby shower games for you to choose from:


BlindFolded Diaper Challenge

Get some soft toys or dolls and blindfold the guests. Everyone has to try to put a diaper on while blindfolded. The winner gets a prize. This game will have everyone in hysterics, particularly the visual humor of watching a blindfolded woman put a diaper on an inanimate object!


Customize Newborn Clothes

This one is so much fun and will keep everyone entertained. It will also provide the guest of honor with cherished memories. Take some plain newborn clothes, or one of our solid colored onesies, and customize them with specialized craft paint suitable for clothes. Every guest can leave an encouraging message or draw a cute picture for the newborn, and their mother will remember the event every time they dress their child in it. Let’s be honest newborns go through so many onesies!


Don’t Say Baby

The challenge is not to use the word ‘baby’ for the entire event. This will be close to impossible for a room full of mothers! It will be fun to say who can avoid saying the word for the longest. Different variations of this game exist with different incentives. Some ways to track it would be to pass out clothespins to each guest, and when someone says baby and a guest catches it the guest is given the clothespin! At the end of the shower, the player with the most amount of clothespins wins.


Also, if the expecting mother is having trouble deciding where to register, remember we are available to register for through babylist!


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