Choosing the Right Style of Sleep Bag: Swaddler, Sleep Bag, or Walker

Choosing the Right Style of Sleep Bag: Swaddler, Sleep Bag, or Walker

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Sleep bags are a must-have for every new parent because they’re an invaluable tool in helping your baby sleep safely and soundly all night long. While everyone knows that a fluffy, warm blanket is a key component to a good night’s rest, loose blankets are a big no-no for babies under 1 year of age. As an alternative, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends the use of wearable blankets, i.e. sleep bags, which many children continue to use long after their first birthday. There are many different sleep sacks on the market, but Kyte Baby sleep bags are made from silky soft, breathable bamboo fabric, and are a favorite of families all over the world because they’re eczema-friendly, ultra cozy, and innovatively designed. 

A sleep bag is exactly what it sounds like: a “zip-up” bag that your baby wears to sleep. Even first-time parents who are unfamiliar with the concept won’t have to struggle to figure out what that looks like or how to use it. Although our sleep bags are suitable from birth until, well, whenever your child decides they’d rather have a loose blanket (that could be a long time, but that’s okay—-our XL size fits up to 50 lbs), we also offer several different sleep bag styles that may better suit the various stages of your baby’s development. Here’s everything you need to know to choose the right style for your baby:


Taro Sleep Bag Swaddler


Our sleep bag swaddler is an all-in-one sleep system that’s designed for use from birth. Made up of an XS sleep bag and a fully detachable swaddle band, the swaddler seamlessly transitions your baby from swaddle to sleep bag. If you’re expecting or have a newborn, you may find this preferable to a traditional swaddle simply because it’s easier to use and easier to ditch. Swaddling is recommended only until 8 weeks of age or until your baby shows signs of rolling, which will occur before your little one outgrows their startle reflex. Many babies have a hard time learning to sleep without the swaddle (which muffles their startle reflex), and those few weeks of sleep disturbances can be difficult for both your little one and you.

With the sleep bag swaddler, your baby is already accustomed to the sleep bag underneath and will have an easier time adjusting once it’s time to ditch the swaddle portion. Although the swaddle band shouldn’t be used past 8 weeks of age, the XS sleep bag can still be used until your baby reaches 13 lbs in weight or 25 inches in height. If you’re ready to purchase your first sleep bag but your little one is about to outgrow the swaddle, it’s advisable to go straight to a sleep bag instead of the sleep bag swaddler.


Kyte Baby Sleep Bag


Our award-winning sleep bag is our best-selling product for good reason! With three different TOG ratings (0.5, 1.0, and 2.5), and sizes for newborns to children up to 50 lbs, our bamboo sleep bags have helped so many families all over the world get better sleep. A dual zipper design makes those middle-of-the-night diaper changes possible without waking your baby, and the silky soft, cool-to-the-touch material is gentle and soothing for little ones with eczema-prone skin.

If your newborn hates to be swaddled and you’ve tried everything from zip swaddles to traditional muslin blankets, there’s no rule that says you have to swaddle. Some babies never take to swaddling, and instead prefer to use a sleep bag from birth. Just make sure you choose the appropriate size that fits well, as well as the right TOG for the ambient temperature in your baby’s nursery.

Even after your child has their first birthday, there’s no need to begin using a loose blanket. The beauty of a sleep bag is that it gives you, the parent, peace of mind. You don’t need to worry about if your little one is too hot or too cold because a thermometer and the sleep bag’s TOG rating will let you know that your child is safe and comfortable. Young children typically move around a lot in their sleep, which means a loose blanket would be kicked off many times in the night—whereas a sleep bag prevents that.  


Kyte Baby Sleep Bag Walker


Our sleep bag walker is almost identical to our sleep bag, except that it’s designed for little walkers! Instead of a closed bag at the bottom of the garment, there are leg cuffs for your child’s feet. Some children prefer to sleep with their feet pulled into the bag, whereas others prefer their feet out. If you have a crib climber who continuously attempts to escape, you may prefer a regular sleep bag, since the closed design deters climbing. Alternatively, if your little one insists on wearing their sleep bag around the house, you may feel safer with a sleep bag walker, since it allows safer mobility. 

The right style of sleep bag is almost entirely a personal preference, but age may also be a factor. Newborns may benefit from using a sleep bag swaddler (even if they hate swaddling, you can still wrap the band around their chest for comforting security), and toddlers may prefer moving around in a sleep bag walker. But, when in doubt, you can never go wrong with our regular sleep bag!

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