kyte baby color comparison of pinks, yellows, greens, and blues

Comparing Our Spring Solids

Ah, spring. The season of rebirth and renewal. The time of the year when the outdoors comes alive with the colors of blooming flowers, the music of birdsong, and the sounds of nature waking to warmer weather. In keeping with the themes of the upcoming months, we can’t think  of a better way to wave goodbye to winter than to introduce a brand new collection of colors! Meet our spring solids, a palette of warm, joyful colors inspired by the tones of the season. To get a better idea of what these new hues look and feel like, we’re comparing them to their sister shades (some of which are still available on our website, while others are retired). 


Meet Crepe, a soft pastel pink with warm tones. This light pink is the perfect rosy shade for spring, bringing to mind blooming flowers.

baby wearing kyte baby sleeveless romper and bow in crepe color

How does Crepe compare with Blush, Petal, Peony, and Rose?

kyte baby color comparison with crepe, blush, petal, peony, and rose


  • Compared to pale Blush, Crepe is much more saturated and vibrant.
  • While Crepe and Petal are similar colors, Crepe is lighter and slightly more cool-toned.
  • While Peony is cool-toned with bluish hues, Crepe is a warmer pink with more yellow in it.
  • Crepe is far less saturated than Rose, which is similar in tone, but vibrant and bolder.


Meet Robin, a light aqua blue. This vibrant cyan shade is just as pretty as a robin’s egg, for which it was named. 

a mom, dad, and toddler wearing kyte baby tees in robin color

How does Robin compare with Sea Mist, Powder, Jade, and Seafoam?

kyte baby color comparison with robin, sea mist, powder, jade, and seafoam
  • Robin has far more blue than Sea Mist, which is a light sea green tinged with blue.
  • Robin is a true aqua blue, while Powder is a light ice blue color.
  • Although Robin and Jade are very similar and vibrant, Robin is more blue-toned, while Jade is more green-toned.
  • Robin is much more vibrant than Seafoam, which is a more muted blue-grey with green tones.


Meet Pistachio, a soft yellow-green that’s easy on the eyes. This milky green color is the perfect balance between cool and warm tones, and feels as fresh as springtime.

a mom and her toddler wearing a kyte baby tee and toddler pajamas in pistachio color

How does Pistachio compare with Kiwi, Grass, Aloe, and Sage?

kyte baby color comparison with pistachio, kiwi, grass, aloe, and sage
  • Although both colors are light greens, Pistachio is much more cool-toned than Kiwi, which has far more yellow in it.
  • Compared to Grass, which is a vibrant yellow-green, Pistachio is much lighter, more muted, and cooler-toned.
  • Aloe is the palest shade of grey-green, while Pistachio is more vibrant and colorful.
  • Sage is a muted and pale grey-green with blue tones while Pistachio is warmer, greener, and more vibrant.


Meet Butter, a light golden yellow that feels as warm and fresh as sunshine. This creamy and vibrant shade is the joyful yellow of the season.

baby wearing kyte baby sleeveless romper and bow in the color Butter

How does Butter compare with Daffodil, Pineapple, Honey, and Marigold?

kyte baby color comparison with butter, daffodil, pineapple, honey, and marigold
  • Butter is more saturated than Daffodil, which is a pale, milky yellow.
  • Although Butter and Pineapple are very similar, Butter is a little lighter, while Pineapple is more sunny and saturated.
  • Butter is more of a true yellow than Honey, which is a little more muted and slightly more peach-toned.
  • Butter is much lighter and brighter than Marigold, which is a far deeper shade of gold.


Meet Periwinkle, a dark pastel blue tinged with violet. This gorgeous color is vibrant and eye-catching, with the slightest touch of purple to make it really stand out among other blues.

a baby wearing a kyte baby romper, sleep bag, and bow in the color Periwinkle

How does Periwinkle compare with Sky, Slate, Steel, and Indigo?

kyte baby color comparison with periwinkle, sky, slate, steel, and indigo
  • Sky is a truer blue than Periwinkle, which is tinged with violet and more vibrant in color.
  • Periwinkle is more bright and vibrant than Slate, which is a muted blue-grey.
  • Steel is a darker blue-grey and more muted than Periwinkle, which is a bright blue with a slightly violet hue.
  • Although both Periwinkle and Indigo have a slight purple hue, Indigo is far darker and more vibrant than Periwinkle, which is a more pastel shade.

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