Creating a Comfortable and Safe Sleeping Space

Creating a Comfortable and Safe Sleeping Space

All crib sheets are created equal, right? Surely babies don’t care about thread counts when it comes to their crib attire. Well, thread count may not be a big deal, but the fabric that their sheet is made out of could mean the difference between a peaceful night’s sleep and a sweaty, hot mess. While...

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All crib sheets are created equal, right? Surely babies don’t care about thread counts when it comes to their crib attire. Well, thread count may not be a big deal, but the fabric that their sheet is made out of could mean the difference between a peaceful night’s sleep and a sweaty, hot mess. While we’re on the topic of peaceful sleeping, let’s also visit how to pick the right crib mattress, and finish up with some changing table safety.


The Benefits of Bamboo

With the launch of Kyte BABY’s new bamboo crib sheets and changing pads next week, many of you may be wondering how bamboo crib sheets can make a difference in your little one’s nightly slumber. Not only is bamboo a more comfortable fabric, it can also go further in the prevention of SIDS than regular cotton crib sheets.



  • We know from Kyte BABY’s sleep bags, blankets and clothing that bamboo fabric is softer than regular cotton. We also know that bamboo is more breathable meaning that it helps dissipate heat better and is therefore cooler. But did you know that bamboo is unabsorbant? It won’t soak up the sweat and oils from our skin that causes your cotton T-shirt to seemingly melt into your body on a hot summer day. This means bamboo crib sheets won’t cling to your baby’s face and body, leaving them cooler and with less risk of suffocation.



  • Bamboo crib sheets are made by stretching the single bamboo fibers the entire length of the sheet. This makes them more durable than traditional cotton sheets that have to intertwine the shorter cotton fibers in order to make the desired length. Bamboo sheets are more resistant to wear and tear and pilling which is great news if you hope to reuse your crib sheets for multiple babies.



  • Bamboo crib sheets are naturally antibacterial and hypoallergenic. Because they are unabsorbant, they don’t trap moisture making an uninviting bacteria and allergen haven. Less bacteria and allergens leads to healthier babies.

How To Properly Fit a Crib Sheet

Once you have decided on the type of crib sheet for your baby, another important factor to consider is fit. Fortunately, standard crib mattresses are exactly that, a standard size of no less than 27 ¼ by 51 5/8 inches. If you buy standard crib sheets then there shouldn’t be a problem.

When looking at the fit of your crib sheets it’s important to make sure the sheets fit snuggly. You should have to put a little effort into tugging that fourth corner on when putting the sheet on the mattress. A snug fit ensures that your baby won’t become entangled in the loose fabric. You should never use adult bed sized sheets on a crib mattress.


Don’t Forget About The Crib Mattress

It won’t matter how safe and comfortable your baby’s sheets are if they aren’t placed on a quality crib mattress. Again, standard crib mattresses have to measure at least 27 ¼ by 51 5/8 inches so they should fit nicely in most cribs. Double check the fit by placing your fingers in between the edge of the mattress and the bars of the crib. You shouldn’t be able to fit more than two fingers, if you can fit more, the mattress is too small. A larger than two finger gap between the mattress and crib could be a place where baby gets arms, legs, or even a head stuck, so it can be extremely dangerous to not have a proper fitting crib mattress. It may help to purchase the crib and mattress at the same time to ensure a proper fit. If not, purchase the crib first so that you know what you’re working with.


A crib mattress should be firm, so firm that you wouldn’t want to sleep on it yourself. A crib mattress that seems comfortable to you is too soft. It’s up to you whether you want to buy foam or innerspring. Either is fine as long as it is firm and of good quality.


Make sure the crib mattress has proper venting. As you can imagine, bacteria and other bad bugs can have a heyday inside a moist, warm mattress. Venting helps ensure that moisture doesn’t accumulate and lets the warm air out. If you’re concerned about a mattress not being waterproof because it is too breathable, buy a waterproof cover instead. This will allow the mattress to breathe but also keep diaper oopses from soaking through.


Hand-me-downs are great when you have a baby. After all, newborns rarely wear out clothes and furniture and they can save you significant money over buying new. However, the one item you should absolutely buy new is a crib mattress. New mattresses are far less likely to contain mold and bacteria and you know they won’t be starting to breakdown. It’s okay to use an old crib mattress if you know that it has been properly cleaned and stored to prevent these negative affects.


What About The Changing Table?

Our time spent at the changing table may be some of the most hectic times we spend with our babies. We’ve all been there amidst the frenzy of flying wipes as we try to spare yet another outfit from the, well, liquids that accompany a diaper change. It’s easy in this time of chaos to forget about your baby’s safety.


Changing tables or changing pads should be equipped with a belt or strap of some sort to help tether baby to it to prevent falls. Don’t rely on this belt alone and it’s not meant to contain a strong roller or crawler. You still should never, ever leave a baby on a changing table unattended. Keep all diapering materials within reach so that you don’t have to run off in the middle of things.


Changing pads provide comfort for your baby while you’re going through the diapering process. Changing pad covers provide softness and are easily washed when needed. If using a changing pad cover, make sure it fits snuggly to the pad so that baby can’t become entangled in the loose fabric. Also, replace covers that have tears or holes that can catch tiny fingers and toes. Be sure to wipe down the pad often to prevent bacteria or mold growth that can make babies sick.


Safety and comfort in the crib and on the changing table are major concerns when you have a baby. A safe and comfortable mattress and crib sheet can make the difference between a cranky, sleepless night and a good, happy morning. Finding the proper items, like Kyte BABY bamboo crib sheets and changing pads, can make that difference.

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