Deciding Between a Sleep Bag or Sleep Bag Walker

Deciding Between a Sleep Bag or Sleep Bag Walker

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toddler sleep sack

A sleep bag or sleep bag walker are both wonderful sleep cues for your little one as well as it signals sleep time is near, but it also benefits them because it keeps their temperature regulated and is a great compliment to their soft baby pajamas!

What is a sleep bag?

A sleep bag is a wearable blanket or sleep sack. It’s something your child can wear over their pajamas and replaces a loose blanket in the crib which keeps them safe (and warm because most little ones do not usually keep a blanket on). It’s best if your sleep sack is sleeveless to allow for air flow and my favorite feature on Kyte BABY sleep bags is the double zipper! That means you can unzip from the top or the bottom which makes it so much easier to change diapers at night.

soft sleep sack

What is a sleep bag walker?

A sleep bag walker is very similar to a sleep bag and has a lot of the same features, however a sleep bag walker features leg holes which makes it easier for… you guessed it, walking (or standing)!

You may also see this referred to as a toddler sleep sack because it comes in larger sizes typically and can fit older babies/toddlers for longer periods of time.

Kyte BABY sleep bag walkers come in 3 different sizes: 6-18 months, 18-36 months, and 4T. It will fit from 16lbs in the smallest size up to 50lbs in the largest size!

sleep bag walker fit test

When they’re ready for sleep, they can pull their feet into the bag so they stay warm and cozy.

A sleep bag walker is also a great option when you’re potty training because it also features a dual-zipper. 

sleep sack with feet

So which one do you choose?

Sleep bag walker are a great option for any child that may hate something covering their feet. Keep in mind that kicking is a self soothing mechanism (when it’s rhythmic in nature) so that may be what they’re doing, not just “complaining” about their feet being covered.

sleep sack for toddler

Putting them in a walker too early can actually make it easier for them to get their leg up and over the crib-- a sleep bag is the better option to deter escape artists from climbing out of their crib! Some kids prefer to have their feet free and/or some kids may get tripped up when they’re standing/cruising along the crib when they’re in a sleep bag so a sleep bag walker is a great alternative!

You’ll want to transition to a sleep bag walker when you transition to a toddler bed.

As always, no matter which option you choose, you’ll want to make sure it’s the right size and TOG for your child’s room temperature so check out these guides!

Author Bio: Ashley Olson is a certified pediatric sleep consultant, owner of Heaven Sent Sleep, and passionate about helping new parents, experienced parents, desperate and sleep-deprived parents form healthy sleep habits for their

She has over 3 years of experience in working with families and has completed over 150 hours of coursework plus continuing education related to infant and toddler sleep. The focus of her work is on fostering a routine that grows your bond with your child while improving their sleep habits. She specializes in custom sleep plans and one on one support in changing sleep practices!


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