mom and baby dressed up as cruella deville and dalmation for halloween

DIY Halloween Costumes Using Kyte Pieces

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    It’s the most wonderful time of the year, and no, we aren’t talking about Christmas! It’s officially fall, and with the changing of the seasons, the air feels crisper and something wicked this way comes. For some of you, that means pumpkin-spiced lattes (love them or hate them, autumn would hardly be the same without PSLs), cinnamon sticks boiling on the stove, the crunching of leaves under your boots, and crackling bonfires. All these wonderful things are hallmark signs that the holidays are around the corner, but the best part of fall? It’s spooky season! Halloween is one of those special holidays that somehow only gets better as you get older. When you’re young, you look forward to one night in the year you pretty much get to eat all the free candy you want. There’s something so magical about the costumes, haunted houses, and Halloween decor, that the excitement is palpable and infectious. While trick-or-treating may just be for the kids, dressing up is for everyone, which means the fun doesn’t stop as you grow up. Halloween isn’t just about the candy; it’s a time to be silly, spooky, and—most of all—creative!

     When you’re busy with young kids, the idea of DIY Halloween costumes may seem daunting. DIY makes you think of papier-mȃché or elaborate sewing projects, and unless you’re the crafting type, this may not be up your alley. On the other hand, buying a Halloween costume can be expensive and wasteful. Can’t decide what to do? Fear not! We’re here to change your mind on DIY. Don’t buy into the misconception that DIY costumes are only for the craftiest of parents; it can be super easy, especially if you mostly use what you already have on hand. The perfect base for any costume? KyteBABY. The rainbow variety of solid colors and the soft, snug fit of our clothing makes any costume possible and also guarantees that your little one will be as comfortable as can be while trick-or-treating. Can’t sew? Why, what else were hot glue guns invented for? Wanting to avoid permanently altering your Kyte, try adhesive felt or adhesive Velcro stickies and normal felt. Along with some simple items and accessories, you can build the perfect Halloween costume for your mini, using our onesies or toddler pajamas as your base. Here are some examples to get your creative juices flowing!

Cruella DeVille Halloween costume using Kyte pieces in Midnight
Calling all our Disney fans! This Cruella DeVille costume was achieved using Kyte pieces in Midnight. Hurry, this is the perfect excuse to go adopt 101 puppies!
toddlers dressed in kyte baby toddler pajamas as peanut butter and jelly for halloween
Does it get any cuter than peanut butter and jelly? This costume was completed using our toddler pajamas and some felt! If you didn’t realize something so adorable could be this simple, now you do.
baby dressed as the white rabbit for halloween in kyte baby pieces
This classic character from Alice in Wonderland was put together by with the perfect Kyte pieces and some carefully selected accessories! If you’re late (you’re late!) for a very important date (Halloween), this beautifully-executed look by @coltsclosett is the perfect go-to costume!
baby dressed as mushroom for halloween using kyte baby onesie in Cloud
Okay, this costume might take a little bit of crafting, but it’s so cute, how can you resist? Using this zippered romper in Cloud, you can turn your baby into the sweetest, little mushroom. Felt, stuffing, and elastic makes the perfect mushroom cap headwear for your little one to wear on Halloween night.
baby dressed as a skunk for halloween using kyte baby onesie in Midnight
This is one skunk you won’t run away from! You can achieve this adorable get-up in so many different ways. Just stick to any Kyte pieces in Midnight for that perfect black, attach some fake fur, and call it a day! If you want to take the time to make a tail, you can make a belted one with some wire, black fabric, and fake fur.
mom and baby dressed as a beekeeper and honey bee for halloween using kyte pieces in Cloud and Pineapple
Buzz, buzz! If you’re looking to match your costume with your little’s, these beekeeper and honey bee costumes are Kyte V-Neck in Snow and Bodysuit in Pineapple!
We love how this parent used oat as a base layer for this little lion! Using clothing that your baby can wear day-to-day is a smart, cost-effective way to make sure that nothing is wasted for just one night!
toddlers dressed as blue's clues characters in kyte baby shortalls for halloween
This parent won our hearts over with this oh-so-clever use of our short-alls! This adorable duo makes the cutest Blue and Magenta we've ever seen, and now  we're suddenly hit with an urge to watch an episode of Blue's Clues!
mom and baby dressed up as ariel and flounder from the little mermaid using kyte baby pieces

We love how all these gorgeous Kyte colors teamed up to make the perfect family costume from The Little Mermaid. Have you ever seen a more perfect Ariel and Flounder? For Ariel we used a Fog Jogger top, Navy V-Neck, and Lagoon Lounge Dress. For flounder a pineapple bodysuit and pineapple knotted hat!

baby wearing layered Kyte pieces for a Forky Halloween costume
Kudos to this creative parent who layered Kyte pieces to create the perfect base for this beloved Toy Story character. We’d say this homemade Forky costume puts store-bought ones to shame!
baby dressed as princess jasmine for halloween in kyte baby pieces
This picture-perfect Princess Jasmine made her costume with a rolled up Kyte bodysuit and pants. Some jeweled accessories takes this look to a whole new world! Talk about cute!
     Now that you've seen so many creative costumes made with Kyte pieces, we hope you're feeling inspired to get started on your little's (and/or your own!) costume(s). If you love arts and crafts, Halloween is the perfect time to really let your skills shine, and if you aren't, that's okay, too. If these photos have proved anything, it's that you definitely don't need to be crafty to create a great costume. You just need a little creativity!

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