Halloween Costume Ideas Using Kyte Baby

Halloween Costume Ideas Using Kyte Baby

Fall is just around the corner, and that means it’s time to break out the Halloween decorations because spooky season is upon us! Whether you’re all about dressing up or you’re just in it for the candy (and, hey, we wouldn’t blame you), Halloween is one of the most exciting times of the year for the whole family. Between festive community events all throughout October and trick or treating on Halloween night, you can set yourself apart from the crowd with some truly creative costumes for you and your little ones. And we’re about to let you in on the best parenting hack to make this holiday as fuss-free as possible: DIY costumes with pajamas. 

If you’ve ever tried to wrangle a toddler who just won’t keep their outfit on while trick or treating, or tried to soothe a baby who hates their hot, itchy costume, you know the major struggle that goes on behind the scenes of a Halloween family photo. Forget wasting money on a costume that your little one will wear for all of 10 minutes, and go the DIY route instead. Not the most savvy with a needle and thread? No problem. All you need is a soft, stretchy Kyte piece in the right color, a little imagination, a few accessories, and maybe a hot glue gun. Your child will be happy as a clam in the silky, breathable fabric and they can go straight to bed after the festivities. Here are some Halloween costumes you can DIY using Kyte Baby pieces:

Kyte Baby Hocus Pocus Inspired Costumes

Photo by @christinaobreezy

We’re obsessed with these siblings who are instantly recognizable as the Sanderson sisters  (Hocus Pocus) in their long sleeve twirl dresses in the colors Olive, Eggplant, and Clementine (all retired). To recreate this with current Kyte colors, try Forest, or Dusty Rose, and Sienna!  

Kyte Baby Elvis Inspired Costume

Photo by @amanduh916

Thank you. Thank you very much. This adorable baby is dressed up as the King of Rock and Roll, using a zippered footie in the color Cloud, a few choice accessories, and fabulous head of hair.

Kyte Baby Where the Wild Things Are Costume

Photo by @some_assembly_required__

Using zippered footies in the color Cloud and a few accessories, these charming twins are dressed as Max from Where the Wild Things Are.

Kyte Baby Minions Costume

Photo by @impiccichetwins

These little minions are dressed in long sleeve twirl bodysuit dresses in the color Marigold and bamboo jersey overalls in the color Steel (retired). To recreate this with a current Kyte Baby color, try the bamboo jersey overalls in Fog.

Kyte Baby The Very Hungry Caterpillar Costume

Photo by @emjfont

Step into the wonderful world of Eric Carle with this ultra cute costume from The Very Hungry Caterpillar, using a snap footie in the color Palm (retired) and a custom crocheted beanie. To recreate this with a current Kyte Baby color, try the Snap Footie in Emerald.

Kyte Baby Crayola Costume

Photo by @daisyhipsher

These colorful triplets are dressed as Crayola crayons, using zippered rompers in the colors Eggplant, Sapphire, Bubblegum (all retired). Recreate this costume using any of our current Kyte Baby solids!

Kyte Baby Moana Costume

Photo by @mega_tron25

Calling all Moana fans! This adorable Tefiti stole our hearts with this ultra-cute costume using long sleeve pajamas in the color Fern (retired). To recreate this costume with a current Kyte Baby solid, try Wasabi.

Kyte Baby Ying Costume

Photo by @_alizollinger

Okay, this costume is so niche, but a huge winner in our books. This little one is dressed up as Kyte Baby founder Ying Liu, using a bamboo jersey cardigan in the color Nutmeg (retired) and long sleeve pajamas in the color Eggplant (retired). To recreate this, use any other color Cardigan, and any other Kyte Baby purple (Ying's favorite color!), like Haze. 

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