How to decide what TOG you need

The Take On TOG


As a friend of Kyte BABY, you may be wondering ‘what is this TOG that comes up when describing Kyte BABY Sleep Bags?’ The quick version is it’s a fabric’s ability to keep you warm.  The higher the TOG rating, the warmer the fabric keeps you.  Kyte BABY provides three different levels of TOG ratings so you can keep your baby comfortable no matter the weather.


Thankfully, Kyte BABY provides a TOG Rating Chart to help you decide how to dress your little bundle in order to comfortably drift off to dreamland.  The chart is based on the ambient temperature of your baby’s nursery. Here is a little further description.


0.5 TOG

Think of this Sleep Bag as the shorts and tank top of your baby’s nighttime attire.  This lightweight version would be similar to a swaddle blanket and is best used in warmer months like summer and early fall or when the nursery temperatures are in the mid to upper 70s.  Think of what you have on your bed during these months, usually nothing more than a light sheet.  Your baby will appreciate the same and be truly comfortable in the light softness of a 0.5 TOG Sleep Bag.


1.0 TOG

As you pack away your flip-flops and beach toys, bring out the middle weight 1.0 Sleep Bag.  When your baby starts wearing long sleeve onesies and booties to venture outside, she will also appreciate the blanket-like warmth of this Sleep Bag.  Think of this one as your late fall and spring go-to when the nursery temperature is in the low 70s. 


2.5 TOG

When the weather outside is frightful, your baby will be so delightful snuggled deeply in the heaviest of the Kyte BABY Sleep Bags, the 2.5.  This sleep bag is layered in fluffy softness to keep Jack Frost from nipping during those chilly winter months.  Just because nursery temperatures may hover in the 60s, doesn’t mean your baby has to feel it.


And Everything In Between

Every baby is different in what they consider their comfort zones, so there’s always room to switch it up.  Varying the layers underneath a Sleep Bag offers you even more ability to fine tune your baby’s comfort for that perfect sleep.  Using a Kyte BABY onesie, footie, or romper underneath any of the Sleep Bags can help you adjust for that transient cold spell or heat wave that comes with any season.

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