How to get Ready for Spring Cleaning with Little Ones

How to get Ready for Spring Cleaning with Little Ones

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 Even though snowflakes may still be falling and we’re still wrapped in the last warmth of the holidays, it’s never too early to start thinking about spring cleaning.  Maybe this spring cleaning season is a big one for you if you’re expecting a little one and need to find space for all those baby things.  Or maybe all of your toddler’s toys have started spilling from the confines of the toy box and need to reside elsewhere.  Or maybe you’re just tired of not being able to find anything and want more organization in your madhouse mothering world.  Whatever your reason for spring cleaning, we’ll offer some tips on organizing your kids’ closets and toys quickly and easily.


Calming the Closet

When it comes to your babies or toddler’s clothes, you may have noticed that each individual item takes up very little storage space.  It’s the collective that’s the problem.  If you find yourself holding down clothes with one hand and quickly trying to close the dresser drawer with the other before everything springs back out, it’s time for some new organization. 


You may have noticed that babies and toddlers have very little need to hang their clothes.  In fact, Kyte BABY garments like onsies and footies shouldn’t be hung anyway.  This is to prevent stretching of that fabulously soft fabric.  What you can do instead is only hang those items that can wrinkle or are too bulky to fold, like the snow suit for next year that you got on clearance or that special Sunday dress, and store the rest in drawers.  Even your child’s hanging clothes aren’t going to go clear to the floor, so utilize that bottom space with drawers or cubbies.  Fold your Kyte BABY bundlers and sleep bagsMaria Kondo style and store them upright in drawers or inside cubby bins.  Storing these items this way will make sure there is no ‘bottom’ to the drawer and that you get to see all clothing items at first glance.


While you’re going through your child’s clothing, organize it by size and season.  Store larger items that need growing into higher up or more out of reach since you won’t be needing them for a bit.  Store clothing that your child is wearing on a daily basis within easy reach, and sadly part with items that your child has outgrown. Do the same with seasonal items. Store those swimming suits and shorts out of reach to leave easy access space available for long sleeves and sweaters.


Tackling the Toys

Organizing your kid’s toys may seem daunting and impossible, but there are many great ways to do it that are not only convenient but also stylish.  When storing toys and books it’s important to utilize the space you have and get a little creative.  Using large bins or baskets can help corral the larger items like stuffed animals, blankets, or balls while smaller see-through totes will better separate building blocks and Barbie accessories.  You can store large and small bins on shelves, under beds or under the hanging clothes in the closet, all of which gives your child easy access to them but keep them out of the middle of the floor.  Also, keeping like toys or all the parts to the racecar track together in small totes will prevent the inevitable dumping of the toy box out on the floor to find Bob the Builder’s hat.


Utilizing your wall space with narrow shelves or crates can store books or artwork and supplies without leaving a footprint.  A pegboard, like the ones used in workshops, makes a great space to hang caddies and hooks for even more wall storage.  You can put these at varying levels that provide easy access for you or for your child. 


When organizing your baby or toddler’s toys, books, and artwork, use the same approach as with clothing.  Store items that your child isn’t quite ready for higher up and out of the way than those items that she’s currently using.  Anything that she has outgrown should be passed down the line.  Artwork may be a little harder to part with, but between the two of you select the favorites and discard the rest.  Consider a shadow box picture frame to display and store multiple creations in a small space.


Getting it Done

Perhaps the best tip for getting your spring cleaning and organizing underway is to involve everyone. Believe it or not, children can get into cleaning and tidying up, just make it a game for them.  Let them know that everything has its special place that it should return to after playing.  Once they see that if they return toys to their place they will know where to find it the next time.  They can also help you decide what items to keep and what items can move on to the next family.  The more you can involve your kids in the cleaning process, the more likely they are to keep things organized as the year goes on. 

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