Keeping Your Baby Cool During the Summer

Milder days are already upon us, and it won’t be long before we start arranging barbecues and summer holidays. Keeping your infant cool during the day is fundamental, but it’s also essential to ensure that no overheating occurs during the warmer temperatures at bedtime.


So while you’ve already bought a summer wardrobe filled with adorable sundresses and shorts for your little one, it’s time to prepare for the change of environment that occurs during bedtime.

Choosing the Right Tog for Summer Bedding for Your Child

It’s not uncommon for adults to have two comforters: a summer one and a winter one. The summer one is always a smaller tog number. The number you choose with regards to the tog rating will depend on a number of factors including how cool you like to be when you sleep, how cold or warm it is, and how much you make use of your HVAC system (if at all).


With regards to your little one, it’s important to remember that babies and toddlers do not need as high a tog as adults. You’ve probably seen adult comforters that go all the way to 15 tog, but for babies and small children the range is a lot smaller: usually from 0.5 tog to 2.5 tog. 0.5 tog is for during the summer months, or if you keep your house very warm inside during all seasons, while 2.5 tog is for colder months or older houses that tend to have less efficient heating systems.


Breathable Bamboo

Instead of using traditional synthetic materials, choosing a bamboo sleepsack means that your little one will sleep more comfortably during the summer months. The 0.5 tog Kyte BABY sleepbag collection are all made using bamboo, and come in a range of colors and patterns. The sizes go from 0-36 months, so that even your young toddler can enjoy the wonderful breathability of this sleeping material.


How to Know if Your Baby is Too Hot or Cold

It’s all very well to make sure you have the right apparel for the summer, but how do you actually make sure your baby is the right temperature for a peaceful sleep during the summer nights? First, if they wake during the night this is a sign that they are not at a comfortable temperature. You will know if they are too hot or cold by simply touching the back of their neck or stomach as a test. If it is warm but not damp they are at a comfortable temperature.


Note: The hands, feet, and arms are generally cooler than the rest of the body. This is absolutely normal and helps their body to regulate their overall body temperature, so don’t assume that they are too cold if this is the case. Moreover, it’s better if your baby is a little bit cold rather than too hot. They will let you know if they can’t get to sleep, so just make sure that their room is kept at a consistent temperature in the 70-75 degrees Fahrenheit range.


Take Extra Care

One more tip: never put a head covering on your baby when they are in bed as this can cause overheating. Hats and hoods are absolutely fine during the day, and can help keep a baby warm in the winter or protect them from the sun during warmer temperatures. Bedtime, however, is not the time for head coverings.


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