Let’s Get Natural, Baby

Here at Kyte BABY we love our babies to grow up natural.  Spring is here and its finally time to let the sun shine on us again. Let’s stretch, put down the electronics and get outside to play.  Watching our children interact with nature while developing their growing senses makes our hearts light as a kite.

Let’s talk about a few benefits of getting our kids to connect with nature. The first great thing about getting outside, is all the wonderful things it does for our moods. Sometimes all it takes to calm a fussy baby is to strap them in and get them moving outside. It’s good for mom and dad, too. Step out your door and start exploring together. Babies learn a lot just from having their senses stimulated.

One of the favorite things to do at Kyte BABY is find a nice shady spot under a tree, in our yard or at the park, lay them down on our silky soft bamboo blankets to let them experience the world.  Babies love to look up into the sky and at trees, watching the leaves blow around in the wind. Let them listen to birds chirping and dogs barking and children laughing. All these sights and sounds help them learn. Once settled, look around and see if there is anything nearby you can introduce them to. Let them explore a smooth rock, a pinecone or tickle their feet with grass.

For older toddlers the outside world has so much fun to offer. It’s a wonderful place to get different sensory experiences and develop motor skills. Children learn by doing. Take them out to a playground to run and climb and jump helps with motor skills. Go on a walk with them and let them lead the way. Ask where they want to go and follow. You might be surprised by how brave and curious they are. Gather rocks and sort them in different ways, by color or size or texture.

Find sticks and talk about how smooth or rough they are as you practice counting.  Plant some seeds with them and watch them grow together. Kids love to go and check on them. Play in the sand with them, play with water with them. If you feel brave, play in the mud with them! (or just watch that part).

Thank goodness its Spring. We’ve been waiting for you.


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