Merry Activities For the Whole Family

Merry Activities For the Whole Family

It’s the time of year for giving and joy, wonder and togetherness.  It’s also a very busy time, especially if you have kids.  With many, many holiday themed activities to do this year, here are a few musts to spread Christmas cheer to not only your family but to others as well.


Give and Then Give Some More

We all love the seeing the excitement on a child’s face as they tear into their pile of Christmas presents or bite into a warm Santa cookie.  This year, try to help your child bring that excitement to someone else by helping you donate to some very worthy causes. 


Chances are your children love toys, all children do, but not every child will get new toys for Christmas.  Have your child pick out toys to donate to Toys For Tots so that every child can experience some Christmas joy.


Another great charity your children donate to is your local food bank.  Have them pick out some nonperishable food items to help fill the food bank shelves to help ensure that everyone gets a holiday meal.  It’s sometimes nice to get a child’s perspective on what foods other children would enjoy too.


Cookie Baking

Baking cookies with your kids is a great way to enjoy some time together.  Children of all ages can contribute in different ways when it comes to making a batch of cookies.  Older children can read the recipe and do the fractional math to double or halve the ingredients.  Younger children can tune their motor skills using cookie cutters or piping frosting, and everyone can get in on the consumption.


Light It Up!

We all know that house that goes all out decorating for Christmas with carefully planned out Christmas lights and lifelike, moving reindeer attached to Santa’s sleigh, maybe it’s even your house!  If not, don’t let your house be complete dark this Christmas season, have your children help you put up some outdoor decorations.  While it doesn’t have to be elaborate or extensive, stringing a few lights around your tree or along your entryway can really help brighten the spirits of everyone that comes by. 


For additional fun and inspiration, take a walking or driving tour to see other people’s holiday decorations, especially if your town decorates a city park or puts on a lighted parade. 


Handmade Ornaments

Most kids love to do crafts and what better way to get crafty than by making homemade Christmas ornaments?  Ornaments can be as simple or as intricate as you and your kids want to get.  Either way, they will be something that you will love for years and the memories you make together will be loved even more. 


Use Those Ornaments

Once you finish your handmade ornaments, put them to good use decorating your Christmas tree.  When it comes to ornaments that your kids made, you can never have enough so make sure your tree is big enough to handle them all.  Getting your children involved in the tree decorating will give them a chance to display all of their hard work and remember ornaments from past years.  It’s also a great time to enjoy some hot chocolate and fresh baked Christmas cookies.


The Big Guy

Encourage your children to write a letter to Santa.  Depending on their age, they can either write it or dictate it to you.  Don’t let them get away with just telling him what they want, have them ask questions about how he and Mrs. Claus are doing or about the reindeer and elves.  


Don’t pass up pictures with Santa either.  Even though there’s a definite perfect age to get Santa pictures, don’t be afraid to try with those toddlers that are excited but then end up crying.  Happy or crying, those pictures are worth gold as your child gets older.


The Classics

If available, take your children to see one of the classics like The Nutcracker or A Christmas Carol.  Many civic theaters or ballets will put on performances of these around Christmas time and it’s a great opportunity for your children to take part in.  If you’re worried about attention spans, consider sitting close to the aisle or door so you can sneak out for short breaks if need be.


Holiday Cards

Have your children help you with your holiday cards this year.  Not only can you send cards to your family and friends, have them send some to troops stationed overseas or to the elderly in your community.  Bonus if your child makes the card themselves!


Feathered Friends

Let’s not forget about our feathered friends this Christmas.  The winter months are a hard time for outdoor critters to get food, especially if there’s snow on the ground.  Help them out some by helping your kids make some handmade bird feeders.  Place them outside in a good viewing spot from the windows of your house so your kids can see their creations at work and maybe even keep track of all the different bird species they see.


Take Time for Family

Above all this Christmas season, make sure you and your children take time for each other.  All of the above activities and ideas are designed so that you can spend time together making treasured Christmas memories.

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