Natural Alternatives for Baby and Toddler Easter Baskets

Natural Alternatives for Baby and Toddler Easter Baskets

  Easter is an unusual holiday because the date changes every year, so it’s easy to lose track of when it arrives. Just for your information, Easter Sunday this year is on the 1st April, so it’s quite an easy date to remember. It’s funny that it falls on the same day as April Fool’s...

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Easter is an unusual holiday because the date changes every year, so it’s easy to lose track of when it arrives. Just for your information, Easter Sunday this year is on the 1st April, so it’s quite an easy date to remember. It’s funny that it falls on the same day as April Fool’s Day. Hopefully no one decides to play a trick on all you chocolate loving parents by deciding not to get you a well-deserved Easter egg!


Easter is always on a Sunday, but the actually day can be anywhere between March 22nd and April 25th. Life can be hectic enough for all of us busy parents, so writing the dates of holidays down can really help you to prepare effectively for celebrating with the kids. While you’re at it, why not jot down Easter 2019 and 2020: April 21st and April 12th, respectively.


So, now that you have the Easter dates for the next three years sorted, let’s return to the present shall we? Are you in need of some easter basket ideas? We here at Kyte BABY love celebrations that involve kids, so we’re here to help.


If you have a baby or a toddler, but still want them to enjoy the festivities, what should you do? A traditional Easter basket isn’t appropriate for kids of such a young age. Here’s why:


Baby and Toddler Teeth

Babies and toddlers are at greater risk of developing what’s known as Enamel Hypoplasia. Enamel Hypoplasia often develops before the age of three, so it’s essential to understand the importance of taking good care of your baby’s teeth. Enamel Hypoplasia is an enamel deficiency that leaves the teeth soft and unprotected. Enamel is the substance that strengthens and protects teeth, so without enamel teeth are more vulnerable to decay. As parents, you must be very careful with regards to what you feed your child. This is because enamel is actually a mineral, prone to dissolving in an acidic environment. The human digestion process begins in the mouth, and foods that are highly acidic are actually converted to lactic acid. Lactic acid attacks and dissolves enamel.


A traditional Easter basket filled with candy and chocolate can actually contribute to the onset of enamel hypoplasia. Candy in particular, especially citrus or sour kinds, are highly acidic, so it should be avoided whenever possible. So, instead of loading your kids up with sugar, here are some alternative easter basket ideas for you to try out:


A Natural Easter Basket

image of easter basket

A natural Easter basket is a great way of including your baby or toddler in the Easter celebrations without making poor parental choices. There is plenty of time for them in a few years to indulge in candy and chocolate, but it simply isn’t a formidable choice this early on.


Moreover, too much of anything is usually a bad thing. This is true no matter what age your child is, of course, but it is especially important to take extra care when considering the dietary intake of your baby or toddler. This is because they are at a much earlier developmental stage than a child who is five or above, so their bodies cannot handle the influx of empty calories that sugar provides in the same way.


A natural baby Easter basket can be filled with a variety of goodies that are not only practical, but also fun and adorable:


Bunny Washcloths

If you’re in search of a truly unique Easter basket idea, why not make your infant an adorable bunny washcloth? They’ll love finding this in their basket! Kyte BABY washcloths are the perfect ingredient to get you started with this crafting adventure. They come in a range of patterns, from safari animals to mythical creatures. You might want a traditional white bunny, or you might want to be a little more adventurous: it’s up to you! You’ll also need ribbon, a needle and thread, googly eyes and pompoms (easy to get at craft stores or dollar outlets), scissors, and glue. Have fun surprising your little one with your handmade bunny washcloths!


Meadow Slumber Suit

Your kid will absolutely love the mini rabbit design of the meadow slumber suit, and they’ll be super comfortable in it too. Like all of our products, this soft and breathable sleepsuit makes use of one of nature’s gems: bamboo. Bamboo is much kinder to your baby or toddler skin than traditional materials used in baby clothes. Plus, they’ll look super cute, and counting all of the rabbits will keep them entertained while you’re eating your Easter eggs or cooking dinner!


Powder Toddler Blanket

Infants love blankets; or ‘blankies’ as they’re often named. When we think of Easter, we often think of pastel colors like powder blue, lilac, or muted yellows. The toddler blanket is a beautifully vibrant shade of powder blue that will bring a smile to your little one’s face when they find it in their natural Easter basket.

image of blanket for easter


Mint Footie

A subtle shade of mint green, the mint footie will ensure that your little one will be able to move around comfortably on Easter Sunday. This is the perfect item for a natural Easter basket because your little one will absolutely love the stretchy fabric, and they’ll look adorable too!


Flutter Hat

The perfect hat for the cool days of spring, the flutter hat will keep your infant’s head and ears protected from the often unpredictable weather. The cap is knotted so it molds itself to the size of your baby’s head, ensuring it doesn’t slip down or fall off when you and your loved ones are enjoying the annual Easter egg hunt or walking around the park.


Storm Sleep Bag

With all of the fun and excitement surrounding Easter Sunday, it’s likely that your little one will be exhausted by the time bed time arrives. The Kyte BABY storm sleep bag is light and easy to carry, so you can bring it with you wherever you go. This means that whether you’re at church, a barbecue, or a relative’s house, your baby or toddler can indulge in naptime in a soft, breathable sleep bag.


Other Candy Free Easter Basket Ideas

As a parent, you’ve already learned how to be spontaneous, inventive, and highly imaginative. You can apply these wonderful personality traits to your natural Easter basket. A new toy, a new blankie, or some age-appropriate puzzles or activities allow you to show your little one that Easter is a special day for the entire family. A basket that has the potential for hours of entertainment will not only give your child hours of joy, it will also give you and your partner time to relax and enjoy the day too. Free time to a parent is much more valuable than any amount of Easter eggs, so natural Easter baskets are definitely the way to go.

And with that in mind, hopefully some of these ideas have inspired you. Happy Easter, everyone!


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