Helping Maui: Pacific Birth Collective

Helping Maui: Pacific Birth Collective

Maui, Hawaii can be described perfectly in one word: paradise. Clear blue waters, abundant marine life, lush vegetation, and a rich culture rooted in Hawaiian traditions make this island a honeymoon and vacation hotspot for millions of tourists every year. On August 8, 2023, the deadliest wildfire in modern U.S. history ravaged the peaceful, beautiful island of Maui, leaving famous landmarks like Lahaina Historic District completely unrecognizable. What started as brush fires that Tuesday ended up as a fire inferno that engulfed thousands of structures. In a matter of hours, homes and meaningful cultural sites were reduced to ashes, and over 1,000 families and individuals were left homeless.

Despite the devastating loss of life and property Maui has suffered these past few weeks, its people have sprung into action to help those most in need. One such organization quick to render aid is Pacific Birth Collective, a Maui-based nonprofit that educates and advocates for birth and wellness choices. Riding atop boats and jet skis, members of the organization delivered crucial, life-saving supplies for new moms and pregnant women who remained on the island after the wildfires. In addition to distributing supplies, the organization also stepped up to support pregnant women who are close to giving birth but are left without a midwife. These relief efforts are essential to helping the people of Maui pick up the pieces from the widespread devastation and Pacific Birth Collective is well-accustomed to identifying its community’s needs.

Founded in 2016, Pacific Birth Collective was formed by a group of doulas, midwives, midwives in training, childbirth educators, and birth advocates who saw a need for better birth education. By building a network of pregnancy, birth, and postpartum professionals, Pacific Birth Collective has provided crucial services to Maui’s community. The non-profit organization aims to educate, unify, and advocate. It provides birth, wellness, and sexuality education to its community, hosting programs and workshops for high-risk and underserved populations. Its island-wide network connects families to midwives, obstetricians, nurses, doulas, massage therapists, family therapists, acupuncturists, lactation consultants, photographers, and other professionals who are well-qualified to help families thrive. Pacific Birth Collective also provides a platform to advocate for birth and wellness choices in Maui’s hospital system, amplifying the voices of its community.

After the recent wildfires tore through the island, members of Pacific Birth Collective immediately knew who would be left most vulnerable in the wake of such destruction. Closed or destroyed roads left many pregnant and postpartum moms unable to reach hubs where supplies were being distributed. By acting quickly to deliver supplies to these moms and families, the organization has saved many lives. To support Pacific Birth Collective’s humanitarian efforts and its primary mission as birth educators, we have donated about $2,000 in Kyte Baby products, 300 diapers, and 720 wipes to help its members continue their life-saving work.

If you would like to donate as well, Pacific Birth Collective is in need of monetary donations, as well as product donations which can be made via their Amazon Wishlist. Supplies will be distributed directly to women, children, and families in need.

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