Our March Charity: Anchor Point

Our March Charity: Anchor Point

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Bringing a new life into this world is no small feat, and although pregnancy can be a joyous experience, it’s also a momentous one that can bring a whole host of emotions, fears, and anxieties. They say “it takes a village,” and anyone who has navigated these waters knows well the importance of the financial, emotional, and physical support it takes to raise a child. And, although this proverb is repeated over and over again by parents to other parents, the reality is that many people do not have the proper support during their parenthood journey. Parenthood can be an isolating experience, and even more so for those who lack support because they’re single, low-income, young, without family, or due to other factors. As a brand that’s not only deeply connected to families but also based in Texas, we chose Anchor Point as our March charity because of the critical support they provide to children and their families in Texas through their network of services.

Founded in 2011, Anchor Point has grown into a non-profit organization that offers hope and healing for families throughout the Texas community with four different divisions: Hope Family Center, Obria Medical Clinics, Hope Community Education Center, and Hope House. The Hope Family Center provides a comprehensive blueprint to tackle challenging issues that families may face from pregnancy to adulthood. Anchor Point’s Obria Medical Clinics provide services based on its patients’ specific needs with a whole-person approach to treating women’s health before, during, and after pregnancy. Hope Community was developed to create a relationship with families in the Galveston County area by providing an educational community to meet needs that are common in our community. Specifically, parents and children in our community are experiencing pain and trauma due to the lack of parental education, miseducation, and broken homes. Hope Community assists families with several educational programs.

Hope Community makes positive changes in our community by implementing multiple educational services including Pathway to Hope Therapeutic camps, community-wide training on adoption and trauma informed care, extensive prenatal and parental classes, specific need focused workshops to promote life skills necessary for parents and families to thrive, co-parenting classes to teach parents the importance of parenting a child that lives between two homes in a way to minimize trauma and create an optimal supportive environment, support groups, mentorship and training for expectant fathers and fathers of young children, and referral resources. In addition to education and support, Hope Community provides much needed material assistance for expectant parents and parents of small children.

Anchor Point’s mission is to champion the future of children by educating and empowering parents. By working alongside families to tackle the challenges that come with pregnancy and parenting, the organization helps them thrive and serves as their village. As a non-profit, Anchor Point relies on donations from individuals, corporations, and local organizations to fund its efforts, and we are so proud to be able to donate $5,000 to support their efforts in bettering the lives of children and parents all over Texas.

March is a month dedicated to women. Not only is it Women’s History Month, but every March 8 is International Women’s Day. Kyte Baby is a woman-owned and women-run brand that champions and supports women—especially moms. This is the heart of our brand and the reason that Anchor Point and its work resonated so deeply with us. The journey of parenthood is rarely easy, but lack of support—especially financial—-can create devastating hardship for many families. With this in mind, we decided to team up with Trend Management to throw a benefit event in Houston, Texas for five expecting parents in need. We partnered with five Trend influencers who each invited one nominated guest of honor to attend Bundled and Blessed and were showered with everything they need for their new babies.

The products gifted to these five families are provided by Kyte Baby and our partnering brands. Our deepest hope is that by providing these necessities and coming together to support these families in need, we can lessen some of their financial burdens and celebrate them in the way they deserve. All other physical and monetary donations from this benefit baby shower will be given to Hope House, Anchor Point’s residential and transformational home for young mothers in need of a safe, encouraging, and educational home environment with physical, mental, and spiritual care services.

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