Summertime with Baby: What You Need to Know to Protect Your Baby Outdoors

Summer is a wonderful time to explore the great outdoors with your baby.  Babies love to observe nature, and it is great to get outside and enjoy some fresh air and sunshine!  While outdoor time provides plenty of family fun, it is also important to practice some safety measures.  Protecting your baby from the elements ensures that everyone has a safe and pleasant outdoor experience.  Here are some ways to protect your baby during outdoor time:


Apply Non-toxic Sunscreen

Everyone knows that sunscreen application during the summertime is a must, but few realize how many sunscreens contain toxic chemicals.  Many sunscreens use chemical filters, such as oxybenzone, to protect your skin from the sun.  These chemical filters can cause allergic reactions, a disruption of hormones, and they may even be absorbed into the bloodstream!  According to the Environmental Working Group, oxybenzone is found in 70% of non-mineral sunscreens. 

Some sunscreens also contain preservatives that can be irritating to a baby’s delicate skin.  Methylisothiazolinone (MI) was named “allergen of the year” in 2013 by The American Contact Dermatitis Society.  This preservative is infamous for causing allergic reactions in young children.  When selecting a sunscreen for your baby, it is best to avoid sunscreens with chemical filters and a long list of preservatives.  Instead, opt for a sunscreen with mineral filters, such as zinc oxide or titanium dioxide.


Apply Non-toxic Bug Spray

Just like sunscreen, bug spray is also a necessity during the summertime.  Many store-bought bug sprays contain DEET, a chemical that can impact not only the central nervous system of insects, but also humans.  A study at Duke University by pharmacologist Mohamed Abou-Donia found that long-term exposure to DEET could hinder brain function and cause issues with muscle function and memory.  The use of DEET can lead to dangerous consequences, but rest assured, there are natural alternatives to preventing bug bites. 

Essential oils such as tea tree, lavender, and rosemary deter insects.  Diluting these oils with carrier oils such as jojoba or coconut oil and applying them to your skin will help prevent bug bites.  For babies with extremely sensitive skin, you can apply the oils to their clothing, rather than directly on the skin.


Dress Your Baby Appropriately

In the summertime, it is best to dress your baby in loose fitting, comfortable clothing made from natural fibers.  Natural fibers such as bamboo rayon are lightweight and cool, and they allow your baby’s skin to breath.  Synthetic fabrics can irritate a baby’s sensitive skin, especially when it is hot outside.  When packing for an outdoor trip, be sure to pack these outdoor essentials to keep your baby comfortable: a large outdoor umbrella to provide shade, non toxic sunscreen and bug spray, and a bamboo rayon blanket for your baby to lay on during playtime or tummy time. 

The Kyte BABY toddler quilted blanket in sunshine/safari would be perfect for outdoor time!  This sky blue blanket is made from bamboo rayon fabric that is silky smooth and hypoallergenic. It’s also huge! Your baby would be super comfy cuddling with this blanket during an outdoor adventure!

Enjoy every moment of the great outdoors with your baby this summer.  This is a wonderful season to enjoy nature, and knowing that your baby is comfortable and healthy makes it that much better.

Written by Karen Richards

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