Sustainable Parenting

Today’s market allows us to raise our children exactly how we choose. So many useful and clever tools make parenting now an exciting time. The internet makes it easier than ever to make informed and educated choices to provide the best for our children. Everything is so immediately obtainable in our digital age. But how do we make these choices? stated that 64% of parents say the environment has become a top concern now that they are parents. We care, and we want to make good choices for our families. So in comes the buzzword “sustainable”. It refers to our pursuit of a common goal for our planet to survive and for our way of living to survive. That means the choices we make will allow us to survive as a race on our home. Not too much pressure there, huh? It is about how we invest our money, our resources and time. Instead of instant gratification, we make choices based on their long term ramifications.

Kyte BABY contributes to sustainability by incorporating bamboo as our fabric along with innovative designs and responsible sourcing. Bamboo is one of the most reusable resources on the planet. It grows over a yard a day, and practically requires no pesticides. It is incredibly soft and has some health benefits. Added to that, you get wonderful quality that will stand the test of time.

Sustainable parenting can be as easy as teaching our kids what is worth caring about in the world. Simply choose what works for you. Some suggestions for sustainable choices are:

  • use eco-friendly disposable diapers, there are a few great ones on the market now using bamboo! Or if you feel brave – try cloth diapering.

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  • Use natural toys and employ natural play
  • Use BPA free plastic in children’s toys and eating materials, or simply not use plastics at all
  • Make sustainable clothing choices, like Kyte BABY
  • Recycle
  • Use herbal remedies when applicable
  • Use public transportation
  • Choose eco-friendly cleaning supplies
  • Eat seasonally
  • Lastly – SIMPLIFY your life.

Simplify by using less to do more. Marketing will tell you that you need to buy x amount of things to prepare for your baby – but we suggest to ask other experienced parents or take along a parent or grandparent to help make choices on what the necessities really are.

Remember that it is all about balance. What works for you best and your family. There is a common thought that to be proactive about the environment you must make sacrifices of time or ease. Making these choices should not be a chore. It is best to use trial and error, making little changes and discarding what doesn’t work, and incorporating what does. Any conscious effort we make will help.

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