The Best Summer Outfits for Your Baby

The Best Summer Outfits for Your Baby

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There are so many things to love about summer. The warmest season of the year evokes memories of pool fun, barbeques, beach bonfires, fireworks, picnics, and every other warm-weather activity. There’s something about the blazing sun and long hours of daylight that brings everyone outdoors. But, like everything else, summer has its downsides too. To name a few, there’s heat rash, heat stroke, and sunburn. While the hot weather is enticing and enjoyable to many, it can also be dangerous—especially for little ones. Since babies aren’t able to regulate their temperature as effectively as adults can, they are more prone to the heat. In hot weather, babies and children need to be watched carefully, as they can quickly dehydrate and are at risk of overheating. You can read our blog post on summer safety tips for infants here, which goes over all the ways to keep your little one cool and comfortable on the hottest days of the year. Babies rely on their caregivers to keep them safe and cool by keeping them out of the sun and dressing them in light, breathable clothing. Because bamboo is three degrees cooler than cotton, and is an ultra-breathable, moisture-wicking fabric, it makes the perfect clothing material to keep little ones at a comfortable temperature. Here are the best summer outfits for your baby that are both adorable and functional, so you can keep your little one looking stylish, while also making sure they’re safe all season long. 


Bodysuits are the backbone of every baby’s wardrobe. They’re an essential for good reason. Not only do they make the perfect base layer for any outfit, they’re constructed for maximum comfort and convenience. The envelope style neckline of bodysuits make it easy to slip the outfit down, rather than over your baby’s head, in case of a diaper blowout. This makes for a more hygienic practice that’s both easier and less messy. Bodysuits also feature a snap closure at the legs that make diaper changes incredibly easy and convenient. Because a bodysuit works as a standalone outfit, they’re a great warm-weather pick to keep your little one nice and cool. Should the weather get a little colder later on, more layers can be added to keep your baby at the perfect temperature. Likewise, starting every outfit with a bodysuit underneath means that it can be adjusted accordingly as the temperature fluctuates throughout the day or night. 

baby wearing kyte baby bodysuit


Sleeveless bodysuits are another summer staple. Just like its sleeved counterpart, these bodysuits have the same snap closure at the legs for easy changing. The only difference between sleeveless bodysuits and bodysuits is that the sleeveless version leaves the arms completely exposed for maximum cooling. Snaps at the neckline make outfit changes super easy, while also adding a stylish touch. 

baby wearing kyte baby sleeveless bodysuit


Look no further than these twirl bodysuits for your little ballet dancer this summer. Although bodysuits are a total wardrobe essential, their only shortcoming is that they’re only appropriate for casual wear. Sure, no one expects a baby to be in ballroom attire, but on occasions when the weather is warm and everyone is nicely dressed, you may find yourself wishing that a nicer-looking version of the bodysuit existed. Well, lucky you, you just manifested it! The twirl bodysuit features a twirl skirt and ruffled cap sleeves that add a super stylish touch to complete the outfit. Since snaps at the back and snaps at the legs make the outfit super easy to put on and take off, the twirl bodysuit is an ideal outfit for everyday or if you want your baby to be a little more dressed up. 

baby wearing kyte baby twirl bodysuit


Shortalls are short rompers, which are a favorite outfit of both adults and babies alike. Who isn’t a fan of one-and-done outfits? There’s no reason to bother with the many components an outfit can require when you can simply throw on a single piece that’s an entire oufit on its own. Our shortalls are cut from our signature bamboo rayon, a super lightweight, stretchy material that has the magical ability to keep your baby cool on hot days and warm on cool days. The snap closures at legs remove the inseam completely, so you don’t have to wriggle your baby’s legs through leg holes.

baby wearing kyte baby shortalls



As much as you’d love to put your baby in a classic polo, it just isn’t as practical when your little one is still in their wriggly, diaper-clad, mostly-immobile days. Somehow, shirts always end up riding up, leaving their belly and diaper exposed, and it ends up just looking messy. Thankfully, our polo shortalls are here to save the day. Because they're an all-in-one outfit, they don’t ride up or down, and always look picture-perfect.

baby wearing kyte baby polo shortalls


If a bodysuit alone looks like an incomplete outfit to you, our bummies are a great way to finish the look while still keeping your baby comfortably cool. Think of them as the lightest, stretchiest, most comfortable pair of shorts your little one can own. Because they’re so light, they’re the perfect shorts to put under your little one’s dress. If you aren’t a fan of your baby’s diaper showing under their dress, bummies fit perfectly over a diaper (even cloth ones, thanks to the stretchy material), and keep your little one looking neat and put-together.


baby wearing kyte baby bummies


There’s not a single person on this planet who doesn’t appreciate a good t-shirt. That might be a bold thing to assume, but seriously, who doesn’t love a soft, drapey, relaxed tee? It’s the perfect top to wear with any pants, shorts, or leggings, and it’s comfortable. Our short sleeve unisex tee has all those qualities, and it has the cutest chest pocket for a little pop of style. Pair the unisex tee with a pair of bummies to keep your baby looking seriously cute this summer! The relaxed fit of the tee lets in plenty of airflow, while the bamboo fabric has cooling properties to keep your little one comfortable.

baby wearing kyte baby unisex tee


A sleep bag in the summer? Yup, you heard that right! If your little one sleeps soundly in their Kyte BABY sleep bag, and you’re worried about them getting too hot in these rising temperatures, it’s time to consider our 0.5 TOG sleep bag. Designed to be used in a nursery temperature of 74 - 78 °F, our lightest sleep bag offers the same comfort as our heavier TOGs, but keeps your little one from overheating. Light, thin, and constructed from a highly breathable, cooling material, this sleep bag allows you to keep your baby comfortable all night long, while still adhering to your bedtime routine.

kyte baby summer sleep bags

Summertime can be a difficult season for those who are sensitive to hot temperatures, especially when it triggers eczema flare ups. Thanks to bamboo rayon, which is significantly cooler than cotton, our clothes are designed to be worn even on the warmest of days. These cute, comfortable clothes are the best outfits of the summer, and you’ll feel at ease knowing that your little one is safe and happy.

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