The Power of Sleep Consultations

Cranky and stale, this is how you feel after yet another sleepless night. We all know that sleep is everything. When you have a rough night, morning is bleak and the day can be overwhelming. We don’t have time to feel sluggish, parenting is tough enough. Our kiddos need restful nights just as much as we do. Growing up takes all the energy a little person has. Many families experience sleep challenges that leave them weary and hopeless. Tired parents rejoice; there is an answer to your sleep problems!

You’ve tried everything to get your baby to sleep through the night, your eyes are beyond bloodshot and your patience is thin. So where do you go from here? We believe that finding the right sleep consultant to help can be a life-changing decision.

Sleep consultants are trained and certified to help you guide your child to the path of better sleep. The best thing about utilizing the expertise of a sleep consultant is that you are not alone in this struggle. Parents are diaper wielding superheroes, but even Batman has a sidekick and there is absolutely nothing wrong with asking for help. A series of sleep consultations can be a real solution for you and your child!

Erin Junker from The Happy Sleep Company offers families in-home, skype and over-the-phone sleep consultations. She helps desperate parents guide their children through the process of sleeping independently. Support, guidance, love and reassurance is the foundation of her practice. Being a mom herself, Erin knows that helping your children learn healthy sleeping habits is difficult. Alongside The Happy Sleep Company, you can be assured that life will return to your day and your family will be happier.

During your consultation, ask Erin about Kyte BABY Sleep Bags. Our soft, all-natural bamboo sleep bags are a safer alternative to blankets in the crib. A loose crib blanket has the dangerous potential to prevent proper breathing associated with Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). Sleep bags are safe wearable blankets for your baby, giving them room to move their legs which is beneficial for proper hip development while the zipper prevents the bag from coming off in the middle of the night.

Kyte BABY sleep bags give you peace of mind, knowing that your baby will not only be comfortable and likely sleep easier through the night but more importantly, safe.

Written By Dani Haberly

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