The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for the Family

The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for the Family

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year, where families come together to create cherished memories. With the holidays just around the corner, you may already be thinking about what special gifts you can get for your loved ones to show your appreciation for their presence in your life. We know thinking of the perfect gift can be hard—especially if your family member is hard to shop for. That’s why we put together the ultimate holiday gift guide for the whole family, including the littlest members. With gift options that your loved ones will actually use and cherish, this guide is one that you’ll come back to every single year.

kyte baby gift guide for mom


1. Kyte Baby Adult Sleep Bag Walker

Give the phrase “sleep like a baby” new meaning with this adult sleep bag walker. Cold nights and mornings are a thing of the past with this ultra-soft wearable blanket that will keep you oh-so cozy wherever you’re lounging.

2. Dyson Airwrap Complete Long

If you immediately balked at the price tag on this hair tool, you’d be far from alone. But, if you’re someone who enjoys the sleek bounciness of a perfect blowout, this hair styler just might be the best thing ever invented.

3. Kyte Baby Women’s Long Sleeve Pajama Set

Soft, stretchy bamboo pajamas are the key to comfortable, restful sleep all night long. The temperature-regulating fabric is highly breathable and buttery smooth, while the button down top is perfect for nursing moms.

4. Monsuri Bathtub Tray and Pillow

Self-care just got a lot more luxurious with this bamboo bath caddy. Enjoy a warm bath with a good book or your favorite TV show, and the drink of your choice. A soft, waterproof pillow makes the experience all the more cozy.

5. Audible Membership

If you ever find yourself wishing you had more time to read books, take advantage of your work commute and the vast library of audiobooks available. With an Audible membership, you can get a new book every month, and listen while you shower, cook, clean, drive, etc.

6. Coffret Maison Dark and Milk Chocolate

Mmm, this chocolate box is unlike any other. Smooth, rich dark and milk chocolate melts on your tongue in this 24-piece assortment that truly feels like a luxurious experience.

7. Oxo Brew Cold Brew Coffee Maker

This is for all the moms who prefer their coffee cold, even when it’s freezing out. Now you can enjoy the smooth, rich flavor of cold brew coffee without the hefty price tag because you can make it in your own home.

8. Kyte Baby Women’s Leggings

Say goodbye to leggings with tight waistbands, and opt for this ultra comfy version that sees you through pregnancy, postpartum, and beyond. Made from soft bamboo, these leggings are soothing on sensitive skin, so comfortable, and perfect for everyday wear.

kyte baby gift guide for dad


1. Kyte Baby Men’s Crew Neck Tee

Soft, breathable bamboo makes this crew neck tee so comfortable, you’ll find yourself reaching for it time and time again. The classic crew body and stretchy fabric make this tee a fan favorite.

2. Herschel Fourteen Hip Pack

Phone falling out of your pocket? Hands full of keys, wallet, and other things? This ultra-hip fanny pack keeps everything you need in one tidy place, so you’re never misplacing or losing your valuables.

3. Fable Magic Link

This hands-free leash is the perfect gift for all the dads who enjoy jogging with their dogs. It can be worn as a belt, a bandolier, a wrist strap, or a conventional leash—whatever you prefer. No more struggling between a leash, a phone, and a coffee cup. This clever device leaves your hands completely free.

4. Therabody Smart Goggles

A massage for your eyes? Count us in! This wearable device eases facial tension and headaches to help you relax and sleep better at night. Perfect for those who stare at a screen all day or suffer from tension headaches, these SmartGoogles help with concentration and rest.

5. Kyte Baby Men’s Jogger Set

Loungewear just got a lot more comfortable with this bamboo jogger set, featuring a long sleeve top and bottoms. The soft material glides like silk over skin, creating a luxurious lounge experience.

6. Cuisinart Bread Maker

Calling everyone who embarked on their bread-making journey at the beginning of the pandemic. New to the game? No problem. This automated bread maker makes the process easy as 1, 2, 3, and you’ll never buy bread from the store again.

7. Breville the Smart Oven Air Fryer Pro

This countertop oven makes delicious roasts, crispy french fries, and everything else you can roast or fry. It reduces cooking time by 30%, ensuring fast and even heat distribution for a 10/10 cooking experience.

8. Williams Sonoma Whiskey Lovers Set

Craft the perfect cocktail with this whiskey lovers set, which includes a Colossal Cube, a Whiskey Cube, and four double old-fashioned glasses. Now, you can enjoy your drink with a perfect ice cube that doesn’t dilute your whiskey.

kyte baby gift guide for baby


1. Spearmint Baby Large Soft Silicone Stacking Cups

These soft silicone stacking cups are the perfect open-ended toy for your baby’s development. Safer than plastic, these 100% food grade silicone cups come in modern colors that fit any home aesthetic.

2. Kyte Baby Baby Blanket in Moroccan

Meet the softest baby blanket in the world. Made from super smooth, stretchy bamboo rayon, this blanket is perfect for cuddling on the couch together. A special, Moroccan-inspired print brings everything to life.

3. Kyte Baby Sleep Bag in 2.5 TOG

Made to be a wearable blanket, this sleep bag keeps your little one perfectly warm all night long. The highly breathable, temperature-regulating material puts your mind at ease so you never have to worry about if your baby is too hot or too cold. 

4. Green Toys Dump Truck

For babies 12 months and older, this dump truck is perfect for indoor and outdoor play. The large design makes it easy to maneuver and play with in the sandbox.

5. Sloth Warmies

This adorable sloth can be safely warmed in the microwave or chilled in the freezer to provide comfort or relief to your little one. Although it should never be used in your baby’s crib, this toy is a source of soothing warmth and comfort for your little one with your supervision.

6. Kyte Baby Long Sleeve Twirl Bodysuit

The convenience of a bodysuit and the look of a dress, all in one. This twirl bodysuit is the sweetest outfit that also makes diaper changes a complete breeze. 

7. Baby and Toddler Natural Pop-Up Ball Pit

Bring the playground to your own home with this pop-up ball pit that both your baby and toddler will love playing in. Not only is it a great workout for your little ones, it also provides a fun sensory experience. 

8. Lily & River Little Climber

This Pikler triangle is your baby’s first jungle gym and one with which they can safely learn to climb. Designed for babies as young as 6 months and older, this climber allows your child to learn their boundaries, and work on balance and coordination.

kyte baby gift guide for toddler


1. Kyte Baby Sleep Bag Walker in 2.5 TOG

Say goodbye to your little one kicking their blankets off in their sleep and waking throughout the night. This sleep bag walker is a soft wearable blanket

2. Kyte Baby Undies

These soft, stretchy undies are super comfortable for your active toddler, and make the transition from diapers to undies just a little easier. Your little one will love the silky material on their skin!

3. Kyte Baby Toddler Pajama Set in Wreath

These super cute Christmas pajamas are perfect for your family’s holiday card this year. Soft bamboo rayon keeps your little one comfortable, cozy, and warm, while this festive print makes you feel nostalgic and cheery.

4. Banwood Trike

This classically designed baby tricycle is the cutest starter bike for little ones. The retro design and natural materials give it a clean, beautiful look. Made from steel and oak wood, this sturdy tricycle is perfect for toddlers to learn how to ride a bike. 

5. Lily & River Little Surfer

Your toddler will have endless hours of fun on this balance board, which is designed to help with playtime and quiet time. As your little one stands and twists to practice balance and coordination, the Little Surfer boosts physical activity and gross motor skill development.

6. Kyte Baby Bamboo Jersey Hooded Jacket

This lightweight but cozy jacket is made from breathable bamboo jersey and perfect for year-round wear. The stretchy material is super soft to the touch for all-day comfort.

7. Kyte Baby Bamboo Jersey Jogger Set

Stylish and adorable, this jogger set is made from soft bamboo jersey that keeps your little one super cozy and comfortable. The raglan top and drawstring bottoms make a quick, easy outfit that you and your little will love. 

8. Tender Leaf Toys Babyccino Maker

Now when you enjoy your morning cup of coffee, your little one can too. This wooden babyccino maker set includes 5 colored pods, a pod holder, 2 coffee cups, 2 coffee fills, 2 coffee toppers, a milk jug, and 2 biscuits.

kyte baby gift guide for grandma


1. Kyte Baby Women’s Lounge Pants

Soft, breathable, and oh-so cozy, these lounge pants are just what you need for curling up on a chair with a cup of tea and a good book. 

2. Uncommon Goods Unwind Lavender Gift Set

Unwind with this aromatherapy quartet that brings the spa to your home. Grow your own lavender with the seeds and self-watering system, light a soy blend candle that smells like flowers and cedarwood, and mist your pillow with a spray made with lavender, citrus, cedarwood, and ylang ylang.

3. Kyte Baby Adult Bath Robe

This plush bathrobe gives you the spa experience without the spa. Pamper yourself with super soft, absorbent bamboo terry, which feels luxurious on the skin and cuts down drying time.

4. Peloton App Membership

Even if you don’t have a Peloton bike, you can separately purchase the app membership for access to thousands of different classes. Stay in tip-top shape with at-home yoga, pilates, shadowboxing, and many other classes at your fingertips.

5. Kyte Baby Women’s Lounge Robe

This silky lounge robe is lightweight but warm, making it perfect for year-round wear. The soft, stretchy material is super soothing and comfortable for lounging around the house.

6. Warmies Slippers

Say goodbye to cold toes with these super soft slippers that you can warm in a microwave. Scented with real French lavender, these slippers feel luxuriously cozy on winter nights.

7. Kyte Baby Adult Bamboo Jersey Cardigan

This gorgeous cardigan is buttery soft and cut in a longer length for a flattering fit. Wooden buttons add a natural touch, while the bamboo jersey fabric keeps you warm and comfortable on a breezy day.

8. Polaroid Now Starter Set

Take a trip down memory lane with this Polaroid camera that captures the little moments. Point, shoot, and capture life as it happens with instant printing.

kyte baby gift guide for grandpa


1. 23andMe Health & Ancestry Service

This DNA testing service is fun and beneficial for everyone, but it’s truly a special gift for those who are adopted. Not only can it link you to both near and distant family members who you didn’t know you had, it can give you much-needed genetic insight into your health. 

2. Apple Air Tag

If you or someone you know is always misplacing their keys or wallet, the Apple Air Tag is the perfect gift. This handy little device makes anything trackable with your iPhone, even using Precision Finding to ping its exact location.

3. Kyte Baby Men’s Lounge Pants

Get ready to lounge like you’ve never done before. Soft, lightweight bamboo rayon gives these pants a silky feel that calms and soothes. A drawstring waist creates an adjustable fit that you can perfectly tailor to your waist size.

4. Aura Carver Luxe HD Smart Picture Frame

This beautiful digital picture frame holds over 10,000 HD photos, so you never have to pick which photos to frame. The bright screen displays pictures vividly, so all your favorite moments can be displayed in your home. 

5. EZR Life All-in-1 Remote Control Holder

This remote control holder is the organizer you need for your magazines, tablet, phone, remotes, and everything else littering your coffee table right now. No more searching under couch cushions for the TV remote!

6. Kyte Baby Adult Quilted Blanket in 2.5 TOG

This soft, plush blanket is what dreams are made of. Breathable bamboo rayon stays cool to the touch, while 2.5 TOG delivers cozy warmth. No more kicking off the blankets at night!

7. Knock Knock What I Love About Grandpa Journal

This ultra-sweet gift will melt the heart of even the least sentimental of grandpas. This journal includes prompts with blank spaces for you (or your littles!) to fill in so that the grandpa in your life always has a treasured keepsake holding the love of his grandchildren.

8. TUSHY Ottoman

Listen, if you know, you know. And if you don’t, you should find out. Elevating your feet and assuming a crouching position while you’re using the toilet can make straining a thing of the past. The sleek design of TUSHY’s Ottoman makes it easier to pretend that the gorgeous stool in your bathroom isn’t for, well, pooping. 

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