Using a 2.5 TOG Sleep Bag

Using a 2.5 TOG Sleep Bag

2.5 TOG sleep bag

As the seasons transition from summer to fall and winter, the drop in temperature may mean that it’s time to change from summer sleep bags to winter sleep bags! While 0.5 TOG is great for warm summer nights, you’ll likely need to transition to a 1.0 TOG or 2.5 TOG as the nights get colder. TOG is a warmth rating for a garment and measures the ability of a fabric to keep your baby warm. So, a thicker TOG (like the 2.5 TOG) will hold in more heat, and keep your little one warmer in the winter, while a thinner TOG (like the 0.5 TOG) will hold in less heat and keep your little one cooler in the summer.

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A TOG rating is an easy way to determine what your baby should be sleeping in, based on the ambient temperature in their nursery. It helps take the guesswork out of selecting your baby’s sleepwear, and gives you peace of mind. Since there’s an actual science to dressing your baby to keep them at the perfect temperature for safe and comfortable sleep, you don’t have to worry about whether they’re too hot or too cold.


Kyte Baby offers 3 different TOG ratings: 0.5 TOG, 1.0 TOG, and 2.5 TOG. If you’re unsure about which TOG to use, please refer to the blog about dressing baby for sleep and base it off the average nightly temperature of your baby’s nursery. You should keep in mind that each baby has a different comfort level and these guidelines are only suggestions. Some babies may need a heavier TOG at warmer temperatures than others, and some may not need the higher TOG rating until temperatures are much cooler.

The best way to check your baby’s warmth at night is by lightly touching their bare chest to gauge their temperature, rather than feeling feet or hands (as extremities will always be cooler than their actual body temperature). You can also keep a thermometer in the nursery for an accurate reading of the ambient room temperature, you can dress your little one accordingly.


The 2.5 TOG sleep bag is the highest TOG rating that Kyte Baby offers, and is made for keeping your baby cozy even when the nights are chilly. 2.5 TOG sleep bags are recommended for use when the nursery temperature is 67ºF (20º C) or lower. Depending on your baby’s personal preference, you can make small adjustments with their pajamas underneath the sleep bag. A baby who runs slightly warmer may be just fine with just a thin romper or footie under the sleep bag, while one who gets colder more easily may need to layer a bodysuit and a footie underneath. Because bamboo fabric is naturally breathable and cooler than cotton, Kyte Baby pajamas and sleep bags are the perfect way to keep your baby comfortable for restful sleep without overheating.


Ashley Olson is a certified pediatric sleep consultant, owner of Heaven Sent Sleep, and passionate about helping new parents, experienced parents, desperate and sleep deprived parents form healthy sleep habits for their children.

She has over 4 years of experience in working with families and has completed over 150 hours of coursework plus continuing education related to infant and toddler sleep. The focus of her work is on fostering a routine that grows your bond with your child while improving their sleep habits. She specializes in custom sleep plans and one on one support in changing sleep practices!

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