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What Is Kyte Kash?

     Here at Kyte BABY, we know that you and your babies are the heart and soul of our business. That’s why, no matter how much we grow, we make it a point to stay connected with you. Without your thoughts and feedback, our brand would be little more than just clothing, rather than the incredible community we’ve become. This company was founded upon a need for a sleepwear solution that would calm sensitive, irritated skin (If you haven’t already heard the story of how Kyte BABY was born, you can read about it here), and it’s the reason we truly know how important it is for brands to listen to their audience. We design our goods with both parents and babies in mind and strive to create the best possible products so you can feel good about what you’re buying. That consideration goes into every step of the process and we never lose sight of the gratitude we feel to be able to create things we’re proud of. One of the ways we express that gratitude toward you is with our Kyte KASH program. If you’re new to our community or just haven’t heard of Kyte KASH before, here’s a breakdown of this perk we offer:


     Kyte KASH is what we call our points system that you can use to earn discounts on our website. There are many ways that you can earn Kyte KASH, and redeeming them is easy as a simple click at checkout. 100 points gets you a $5 discount, $200 points gets you a $10 discount, 500 points gets you a $25 discount, and 1000 points gets you a $50 discount! Sounding good already? But wait, there’s more!

     We have three different tiers that you will automatically be upgraded into based on the total of your orders: Bronze, Silver, and Gold. All three tiers come with different levels of perks, from free points on your birthday to early access, to new releases to discounts on Priority Shipping. Yup, there’s a lot to take advantage of here! Wondering what the catch is? There is none. We just want your Kyte BABY experience to be as fun and enjoyable as possible because we’re so grateful to have you as part of our community!


     Okay, this is the best part because we really try to make this as easy for you as possible! If you haven’t yet created an account with us, but you’ve ordered from us before, you already have Kyte KASH waiting for you! Simply create an account with the email you used for your order to redeem your points. Every $1 you spend with us is 1 point of Kyte KASH. That means if you’ve spent $100 with us, you can already redeem a $5 discount! How cool is that? If you go through our Rewards page, you’ll also notice that we offer several other ways of earning points, which include these:

  • Upload a photo with review from a review request email - 5 points
  • Upload a video with review from a review request email - 5 points
  • Write a product review from a review request email - 10 points
  • Follow us on Instagram - 10 points
  • Create an account - 30 points
  • Sell through the Kidizen Rewear Program - 50 points
  • Birthday reward - 100 points
kyte baby rewards program

     Once you follow us on Instagram (and earn those 10 points!) you’ll be able to participate in our many giveaways on our posts and stories! You can also follow us on TikTok to take part in more giveaways. Every Friday at 2 PM CST, we do an Instagram Live where we give away Kyte KASH! One of rhe best things about social media is how it allows us to personally connect with each and every one of you! We love seeing all your messages and comments—good and bad. It’s thanks to all of your feedback that we’re able to continue improving!

     Another great way to earn Kyte KASH and connect with us is through Kyte KLUB on Facebook! We first started the page in 2018, and over the past few years, it has grown into a real community. On our end, we use the page to share a lot of inside information with you, giving you sneak peeks of incoming products and also allowing you to vote on new arrivals! Kyte KLUB membership also gets you invitations to meet-ups and pop-up shops, as well as exclusive discounts and Kyte KASH. The real purpose of the page, however, is to provide a supportive and uplifting community of like-minded Kyte BABY fans, and we have accomplished just that. Kyte KLUB boasts over 44K members (we’re still blown away by that!), and it’s really become a great place to meet friends, get helpful advice, or just show off your Kyte Babies!

four babies wearing sleep sacks and looking up at the camera


     Joining Kyte KLUB is as straightforward as it gets. Simply log into your Facebook account, head over to our Facebook page, and answer the few questions required to join! Once an Admin approves your request, you’re good to go. We recommend leaving notifications on so you’ll be notified as soon as anything is announced. It’s the easiest way to stay in the loop and you’ll be sure not to miss an opportunity to earn Kyte KASH from our giveaways or contests. 

     Now that we’ve covered all the different ways you can connect with us and earn rewards, we hope you’ll join us over at Kyte KLUB or on our next Instagram Live! 

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