Why .5 TOG Sleep Bag for Summer

For many of us, coats are already tucked away in the closet and flip flops are laying by the front door right where you kicked them off yesterday. The sun is out and your mini’s crayons have melted on the car dash. Summer is approaching, and you know that means warm nights are to follow.

Your little one loves to snuggle, but it’s getting too hot for that in a conventional blanket or sleep sack. How do you keep them cozy and comfortable in the crib on nights when your concrete driveway is still warm to the touch hours after sundown?

The answer here is simple- a Kyte BABY .5 tog Sleep Bag is the way to go.



Sleep Bags are a safer alternative to a crib blanket, and TOG is a rating system that measures warmth and calculates how quickly a fabric uses heat. With a .5 tog sleep bag, your child will be cool and comfortable in the crib, and you won’t have to worry about their safety. Research shows that having a bulky blanket in the crib with your child can be dangerous. Put your child in a sleep bag, and you are eliminating the possibility of infant suffocation and greatly decreasing the chance that a traumatic event could occur.


Why Kyte?

Choosing the right sleep bag can be difficult, but I’ll make the decision really easy for you. All of our sleep bags are made from all-natural bamboo. Compared to cotton, bamboo is 3 degrees cooler, hypoallergenic and requires much less time and water to grow, making it a highly sustainable resource.  Bamboo is also incredibly soft, silky and breathable- the perfect material for a summer sleep bag. Plus our sleep bag has a double zipper that allows quick and easy access for diaper changes, meaning significantly less fuss from the babes!


Which TOG?

Considering TOG is also important. This choice will depend on the ambient temperature in your nursery. If you’re frugal with your energy allowance and just keep the windows open in the summer, .5 tog sleep bags will be your bread and butter. That is, until next season when you’re reluctant to turn on the heat. A 2.5 tog sleep bag will suite your little one perfectly near Christmas. A 1.0 sleep bag is what I like to call the sweet spot. You can never go wrong with a 1.0 tog because it is warm yet breathable. It should be your go to sleep sack on any given night unless temps creep past mild in either direction.


How Safe?

So what’s the deal with sleep bags anyways? My baby loves her blankie, why can’t I just let her sleep with it? These are questions asked by every mother before she begins her search for the perfect sleep bag. Blankets are hazardous because they have the potential to suffocate your child. That’s right, your baby has been sleeping with a deadly piece cloth in their crib.

Here at Kyte BABY, we take sleep safety very seriously. Our sleep bags are carefully crafted and designed with your baby’s safety as our No. 1 concern. Once your baby is zipped into one of our sleep bags, there is no getting out. Babies tend to throw their blankets off their bodies in the middle of the night, increasing the chance of suffocation and potentially Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. The idea that SIDS is real and happens is terrifying. So we have the easy solution that will keep your baby safe and you relaxed.

Kyte BABY Sleep Bags come in adorable animal prints and colors inspired by nature. Take a look at our collection of sleep bags, and pick the best tog for your nursery.

 Written By Dani Haberly

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