Why Your Baby Needs A Sleep Bag

You probably have heard of them, maybe you have seen or even used one, but what’s the big deal? Baby sleep sacks, or sleep bags, are increasing in popularity as an aid in safe sleep for babies and toddlers, but do they live up the hype? Should you get your baby into a sleep bag? Absolutely!


What is a Sleep Bag?

If you’re picturing your camping sleeping bag, you’re not far off. It is in fact a bag that your baby sleeps in; however, think of them more as a wearable blanket. Sleep Bags are designed like a sleeveless shirt that covers the body, legs and closes around the feet to wrap your baby’s body like a cozy cocoon. They have a full length zipper providing easy access for middle of the night diaper and clothing changes. Sleep Bags come in three different TOG ratings to keep your baby comfortable at any temperature and even comes in a Walker version to give the legs a little more freedom for those babies on the go.


Safe Sleep Guidelines

The American Academy of Pediatrics recently released new safe sleep guidelines to help parents better prevent SIDS. As part of the guidelines, they state that cribs should be bare and to avoid the use blankets, pillows and other soft bedding. No blankets? How’s a baby supposed to stay warm and comfortable with no blankets? The answer: a Sleep Bag.

Sleep Bags provide all the warmth and comfort your baby needs without the risk of suffocation from loose blankets. Most hospitals are getting on board with Sleep Bags as the risk of SIDS from using the age-old swaddling blanket is getting too high. Sleep Bags stay with your baby through all of their slumbering movement meaning that they won’t become entangled or underneath them like they might a blanket.

Safe sleeping also includes keeping baby at the proper temperature. Overheating can lead to an increased risk of SIDS. With regular baby pajamas it may be hard to achieve this perfect balance of warm but not too warm. Sleep Bags are designed with this in mind. The sleeveless design provides venting to allow for heat dissipation should baby become too warm. Also, Sleep Bags allow for you to vary the layers underneath to properly suit the room temperature. And finally, Sleep Bags come in different TOG ratings to provide further adjustment for the perfect sleep.


Just Better Sleep

If you still aren’t convinced about using Sleep Bags, consider this: Sleep Bags may help your baby sleep longer and better which means you sleep longer and better. How is this possible? Kyte BABY Sleep Bags are made from ultra soft bamboo and if there’s one thing that babies like it’s softness. Softness is very comforting and soothing to babies, so the more you can wrap them in softness, the more comfortable they will be and the better they will sleep.

The bamboo fabric used to make Kyte BABY Sleep bags is also cooling and hypoallergenic meaning your baby is less likely to wake up due to itching or sweating. It is also nonabsorbent so it won’t cling to your baby’s precious skin even if it does get wet. All of these attributes add up to make one comfy baby and one restful and long night’s sleep.

Sleep Bags should play a starring role in your before-nap and before-bedtime routines. Clue your baby in that it’s time to sleep by placing them in a Sleep Bag. Since Sleep Bags are very different from their normal awake clothes, slipping on a Sleep Bag will make them realize that playtime is over and dreamland should be on its way.

With all that Sleep Bags to do to decrease the risk of SIDS and to make your baby as comfortable as can be, you can sleep easier knowing your baby is safe and peaceful in a Kyte BABY Sleep Bag.

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