Our founding story

It started with a baby who couldn’t sleep

That baby was my youngest daughter, and she was suffering from chronic eczema. At night, she would pull open her pajamas to cool down and alleviate her hot, stinging skin. I followed her lead and started researching breathable fabrics—and that research led me to bamboo.

The Name

Like the whimsy of flying a kite on a blustery day, our name is an homage to childhood: The innocence, freedom and fun of returning to nature—and it inspires everything we do at Kyte Baby.

The Kyte Baby Family

We're parents, too

Kyte Baby may have started as one mama on a mission, but we couldn’t do what we do today without our team—a diverse group that includes parents, caregivers, and sustainability advocates hailing from all around the world, from our headquarters in the US and manufacturing facility in China to Canada, and even the UK.

Ready to sleep like a baby? 😴