Harry Potter and Kyte BABY Collaboration
HERBOLOGY | This Herbology-themed print features Mandrakes (or Mandragora), cream-colored earmuffs, orange Dirigible Plums, white asphodel, and Leaping Toadstools with red, hat-like caps and white spots. These magical and mundane plants and funghi are over a sandy taupe background color called Khaki.
    Herbology swatch
ICON | A repeating, all-over print featuring hallmark icons from the Wizarding World. Harry Potter's round, black-rimmed eyeglasses, the Golden Snitch, a gold lightning bolt, the triangular Dealthy Hallows symbol, and a winged, old-fashioned key create the ultimate Potter-themed print over a white background. Icon swatch
FLIGHT | Take to the skies with this magical print featuring three flying animal companions from the Wizarding World. Fawkes, the phoenix, is colored in rust red with his wings spread wide. Hedwig, the snowy owl, is colored in cloud white, with a sealed envelope in her beak. Buckbeak, the hippogriff is colored in cloud white, with his talons out and wings spread for flight. Stars colored in metallic gold shimmer realistically against the print's dark ocean blue background.
Flight swatch
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