Soft, breathable, and cozy. Safe and sound. Sleep like a baby.

Sleep like a baby

Bamboo Sleep Bags & PJs for the whole family

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Because when baby sleeps better, you do too

We get it: Parenting littles is a study in sleep deprivation. Whether you’re sleep training a baby or contending with a toddler’s 24/7 energy (seriously, how do they do it without coffee?), we all know if they’re awake, you’re awake.

As your friends in parenthood, we want your littles to sleep better so you can too. We happen to have just the thing to help—say hello to bamboo sleep bags and PJs (and welcome back to your long-lost beauty sleep 😴).

Soft, breathable, and cozy. Safe and sound. Sleep like a baby.

meet our founder

A mama of five—who loves her sleep

It all started when our founder Ying’s youngest daughter couldn’t sleep due to chronic eczema. Ying became a woman on a mission to alleviate her daughter’s discomfort. What she didn’t expect was to find the answer in a breathable, sustainable fabric softer than baby-fresh skin: Bamboo.

Ready to sleep like a baby? 😴


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