10 Winter Essentials for Newborns

10 Winter Essentials for Newborns

     Depending on where you live, winter can be one of the most beautiful seasons of the year. As the air grows cooler, the last months can bring delightful things like fresh snowfall, steaming hot cocoa, and a crackling fire on the hearth. If you’re someone who loves to bundle up, wintertime also means cozy knit sweaters, boots, and beanies. On the flip side, if you’re more of a summer person, winter can also mean a runny nose, numb toes, and chapped skin. Factor in a new baby, and those not-so-nice aspects of winter are exponentially worrisome. Unlike when you’re caring for yourself, chapped skin on a newborn isn’t to be fixed by slapping on some of your heaviest night cream and calling it a day. If your little one is prone to eczema, the cold, dry air can cause flare-ups that are heartbreaking to see. To keep your newborn safe, comfortable, and happy, a little extra TLC is required during the coldest season. 

Frida Baby Fridababy 3-in-1 Humidifier

     A humidifier is a must-have item on your baby registry. It may not be the cutest or most exciting thing to unwrap, but it’s certainly one of the items that you’ll be thanking the giver for time and time again. Winter means cooler, drier air, which is exacerbated if you keep the heater blasting in your home. Having a humidifier can add much-needed moisture back into the air, protecting your newborn’s skin from drying out and also decreasing nasal congestion. If your little one catches a cold, humidifiers are especially helpful for loosening mucus, which makes it easier for your baby to breathe. However, the AAP recommends that you always choose a cool-mist humidifier over a warm mist one, as vaporizers or warm-mist humidifiers may lead to accidental burns if the device is knocked over near your child. You also need to be diligent about regularly cleaning and drying the humidifier, so that mold does not grow inside the device. 

aquaphor healing ointment baby

     If you’ve ever fallen victim to cracked lips and heels, you’ve probably found relief by slathering Aquaphor on any affected areas. Aquaphor Baby Healing Ointment (it’s specially labeled for babies, although there are no major differences between this and the original) is your one-stop shop for cuts, scrapes, dry skin, eczema flare-ups, and diaper rash. Seriously, this is a do-it-all product that is well-loved for its versatility and effectiveness. There are about a million products out there that tackle dry skin and diaper rash, but we love tried-and-true solutions like this one. If winter winds are unforgiving where you live, rubbing some ointment on your baby’s cheeks will protect their delicate skin from the harsh weather. 

baby wearing clementine zipper footie and knotted cap

     Dressing your baby appropriately in the winter can be somewhat tricky. You want to keep your newborn warm, but going overboard puts your baby at risk of overheating. The trick here is to use layers. Accessories, like hats, mittens, and socks, are a good idea when heading outside in cold weather, but you’ll want to remove them for sleep. Not only can babies overheat while sleeping, anything that can come loose may pose a hazard to their safety. That being said, hats can be invaluable in protecting your baby’s head from the cold. Our knotted caps are made from bamboo rayon, a fabric that naturally regulates temperature and reduces risk of overheating. The soft, stretchy material grows with your baby and doesn’t aggravate sensitive skin.

     If your little one is constantly scratching themselves and drawing blood (those little fingernails are sharper than you’d think!), you can use our scratch mittens as an effective layer of protection. Not only will they keep those little fingers nice and warm, they are designed with the eczema baby in mind. The silky fabric is soothing for irritated skin, and the mittens are a perfect, snug fit for even the wriggliest of babies. 

     Socks are also an essential if you’re heading outdoors with your baby. Those little toes you love to count are particularly susceptible to frostbite, and wearing socks can prevent hypothermia and illness. While you probably don’t need to dress your little one in socks during the summer, they’re an essential layer during the winter. 


fleece baby booties

     Shoes aren’t a necessity for babies who aren’t walking, especially newborns. However, a pair of booties is nice to have on hand, when you need an extra layer of warmth. While you can always add a second pair of socks over the first, baby booties are usually made from soft, warm material that will keep the cold off tiny toes when you’re out and about.

newborn baby in kyte baby seafoam bundler

     Sleep gowns are hugely helpful during the newborn stage. Newborns soil a lot of diapers in a 24-hour period. While you want to keep your baby warm in the cooler months, it can also be difficult to constantly fiddle with zippers and snaps and taking your baby’s legs in and out of their pajamas. Sleep gowns make this ordeal a lot easier by allowing easy access to the diaper. The drawback? The open gown can also let in cold air. Luckily, our Bundlers are the perfect solution to this. An innovative take on sleep gowns, the bundler is closed at the bottom to keep those little legs warm, but a single snap releases it to flip back and access the diaper. 


kyte baby swaddle blanket in sunset

     Okay, swaddles are an essential for newborns in general, not just in the wintertime. However, not all swaddles are created equal. Our swaddling blankets are made from bamboo rayon, which not only regulates temperature, but is also moisture-wicking, hypoallergenic, and extra gentle on sensitive skin. The buttery material is soothing and ensures comfortable sleep for your little one. Because it’s also naturally stretchy, the fabric is perfect for achieving a snug, comfortable swaddle, which can be tricky until you master it. If you’re not a fan of wrapping a swaddle (hands up for those who hate it), our Sleep Bag Swaddler does all the hard work for you. This 2-step sleep system will see your newborn through the swaddling days and beyond.


kyte baby blanket in fog hanging on crib

     Another cold-weather essential is the perfect baby blanket. You won’t be able to use it for sleep, as loose blankets should not be in your baby’s crib in the first 12 months, but a good blanket is still great for car or stroller rides. Like all our products, our blankets are made from super soft bamboo. Warm, breathable, and perfectly cozy, these blankets are sure to be your baby’s favorite. 


     One of the best ways to keep your baby warm in the wintertime is to wear them (hello, wrap, ring sling, or structured carrier!). Your body heat is warm and comforting to your newborn, and using a carrier is also the easiest way to soothe a fussy baby. Many babies love being worn and fall asleep quickly when they’re close to Mom. If you’re going out, you can wear a large-enough coat that will cover both you and baby in the carrier. Just make sure that you’re always at a comfortable temperature, too. If you’re feeling too hot, then your baby is also too hot and at risk of overheating. 

munchkin warm glow wipe warmer

     If you live in a warmer climate where winters aren’t that cold, you may see a wipe warmer as a non-essential. But if your winter nights are chilly and you want to minimize the risk of your little one waking up from a midnight diaper change, then a wipe warmer can be your very best friend. If you have a baby boy, you may also find that a warm wipe results in getting peed on less, since the cold can trigger urination mid-change. Whether you decide if a wipe warmer is a necessity or not is up to you, but it certainly can provide comfort for your little one.


Jolly Jumper Sneak-A-Peek Cover

     Using a stroller or car seat cover protects your child from wind and rain on the coldest of days. It’s hard to always stay inside with your newborn, especially when you have errands to run, so a cover is an easy way to still get out while keeping your little one warm and safe. When using a stroller cover or car seat cover, always check that your baby is at a comfortable temperature and is getting enough ventilation. 

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