Warm, Cozy Bamboo Nights

Baby, it’s cold outside! Mid-January brings gray skies, snow flurries and goosebumps. To combat the freezing temps, we brew hot tea and wear fuzzy socks. But what about little babe?


Slumber Suit

With the chill of winter upon us, our minis need something warm to keep them cozy. The NEW Kyte BABY Slumber Suit does just that!

We all know how difficult it is to get the babes bundled and unbundled when you are out and about. But the cold can’t slow us down, we have things to do! With the Slumber Suit, you can easily get them out of the house, into the car, out of the car and into the store effortlessly.

Image of sleep suit feature

This Slumber Suit has the same double zipper feature as your favorite Sleep Bag but with legs, giving you the freedom to put them in a car seat and them the freedom to have wild, kicky legs! Bottom snaps between the legs guarantees quick and easy diaper changes so tiny bums don’t stay cold for long. An added bonus, wrist and ankle cuffs keep the chill from creeping in!

Time for bed. Your little can sleep soundly in this 1.0 TOG bamboo suit on those extra cold nights without overheating.


Footie + 2.5 tog Sleep Bag

You are no stranger to our incredibly soft footies and sleep bags! Now is the time to put one under the other to keep babe nice and toasty during these extra cold nights. Our 2.5 TOG Sleep Bags are thick and oh so soft. Paired with the comfort and breathability of a bamboo footie, babe will sleep soundly through the night without overheating.

With freezing temperatures, you can’t be left unprepared! Stock up on your favorite printed and solid 2.5 TOG Sleep Bags, and don’t forget to give the NEW Slumber Suit a try! Keep babe toasty warm in the crib.

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