5 Times Mom picked Bamboo Washcloth over Baby Wipes

Baby wipes are tucked into almost every mother’s diaper bag. We use baby wipes for everything from sticky faces to dirty bums. Did you know that there could be unsafe chemicals in your generic baby wipes? There is a better, all-natural alternative to wet wipes from a plastic box. Bamboo washcloths are a silky soft, soothing antimicrobial option you have to try! These environmentally friendly washcloths can replace your baby wipes today. Here are 5 times you should use bamboo washcloths over baby wipes.


When they have a dirty bum

The no. 1 reason to have baby wipes on hand when you have a little one still in diapers is to wipe dirty bums. Many of our all-natural moms are switching to cloth diapers. Kyte BABY bamboo washcloths are an excellent addition to your bag, just throw them in the wash with your cloth diapers after each use!

When they have jam hands

Little kids are always sticky, even when there is no jam in sight. Sticky hands and faces have to be wiped or the stickiness will spread..! Run warm water over one of our bamboo washcloths and wipe away the sticky with ease. These can also be used as a bib at the dinner table!

When they have a runny nose

Babies tend to have snotty noses regardless of how they are feeling. When those runny noses dry they become crusty and painful. In this case, baby wipes can irritate the skin. A damp Kyte BABY bamboo washcloth is super soft, cool and soothing to a crusty nose. Also, try using one as a burping cloth with your newborn!


When they join you in travel…

When you’re out and about with your family, baby wipes are a must pack item. Try taking bamboo washcloths with you on the go instead. These can come in handy for all the times above including wiping off a dirty seat and sandy feet. They are small and fit easily in your carry-on!

When Mom needs to…

  • remove deodorant stains from her shirt
  • clean a smear off her glasses
  • wipe off dust and fingerprints from her iPad screen
  • seal an envelope without licking it


Written By Dani Haberly


And the list goes on..

Give our all-natural, hypoallergenic bamboo washcloths a try before you buy another box of baby wipes. Pick them up in a 5-pack; we have an array of beautiful colors and prints to choose from!

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