How To Prep Your Oldest for Newborn Arrival

Your belly is occupied and your heartburn is raging, but you’ve done this before. The first child is walking and talking and learning so much every day. They don’t know that another mini is growing inside of you. It’s time to tell them the good news. Your nervous; how will you prepare them for the newborn’s arrival?

We suggest a gentle, straight forward approach. After they’ve been told that mommy is going to have another baby, let them know exactly what they can expect. Mom’s belly is going to get big and round as the newbie grows, just like it did before with them. Share photos of the first pregnancy so they can image the changes your body will soon make.

Then open their baby book to show them photos of the day they were born. Explain that they used to be inside mom’s tummy and now they are here in the home just like this new baby will be. Show them the nursery, tell them that this is where their new brother or sister will sleep. This will ground them, and establish a sense of normalcy before things get loud and messy.

You’ve got 9 months to help your oldest ease into this transition, so take things slow. Have they completed potty training? If not, now is a good time to get that nailed down. When the new baby comes, there won’t be a whole lot of time for that. Your toddler might decide they’d rather not use the big kid bathroom because they want the attention from you that comes with a diaper change.

As your new baby grows and your belly gets bigger, let your oldest feel your bump and experience the baby kicking. This is such a magical occurrence for you mum, so share it with your kiddo. Do you have any family members or friends with newborns? If so, take your child over to visit. Let them see what it looks like to have a newborn in the family. You can even help them hold your friend’s new baby, with their consent and extreme caution.

Having mommy pay more attention to a new baby is hard on a toddler. Make sure to give them lots of one-on-one time before the birth. After the new baby comes home, be sure to set aside some special time to spend with them every day. This will make them feel important, wanted and loved despite the new child in your arms.

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Written By Dani Haberly

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