What is a Baby Sprinkle? Here’s What to Expect!

What is a Baby Sprinkle? Here’s What to Expect!

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What is a Baby Sprinkle

If you are on your second baby (or third… or fourth), and want to celebrate new life, yet do not want the fuss of a big shower, then a baby sprinkle is just what you need!

Every baby deserves to be celebrated in some way, but maybe you do not want to pull out all the stops like you did the first time around. That is perfectly fine! In this blog you will find ways to have a baby “sprinkle” instead!

So maybe you’re wondering, “what is a baby sprinkle party?” This is simply a smaller party, without the long registry and stress to love on the pregnant mom and new baby.

It can feel like such a shame that the first baby gets a big bash, and the subsequent babies get nothing. This is why a baby sprinkle is such a good idea.

What is a baby sprinkle?-- it is low key, with or without gifts, and on a smaller scale (think close friends and family instead of distant relatives). 

A baby sprinkle is also helpful if you are preparing for a different gender than your first (or second, third) child. Especially if there is also a large gap in age!

It is a fun play on words, “this second-time event was called a sprinkle, which takes its name from the less-than-a-shower weather event.”

If you’re not familiar with a baby sprinkle, then this blog will answer:

  • What happens at a baby sprinkle?
  • Do you bring a gift to a baby sprinkle?
  • What do you buy for a baby sprinkle?
  • What's the difference between a baby shower and a sprinkle?
  • How do you throw a baby sprinkle?
  • Baby sprinkle ideas

Baby sprinkles can be a little controversial, hearing things like, “Should you have one if you are having the same sex baby again? Aren’t Baby Showers for your first baby only? Do Baby Sprinkles appear greedy? Why can’t we celebrate all children being born, not just the first one?”

This blog will answer all of those questions!

What happens at a baby sprinkle?

Think of a baby sprinkle as a step below a baby shower. Mom can gather with her closest friends to celebrate baby and maybe get a few necessities for the new baby! (Get it? It's not a downpour of presents, just a light drizzle.)

It is usually for a mom who is on her second or third child, and already had a very large shower for her first child. Since mom may already have those “big items” like a high chair or car seat, then this baby sprinkle would be for smaller, maybe more personalized items.

It may even be more acceptable if the big sibling has not outgrown things like their high chair or crib! 

But remember, you do not have to have gifts to celebrate a baby if that concerns you. Moms need to just feel loved and supported through the experience of expanding their family.

As everyday family says, “Because I mean, think about it: sure, having your first baby is hard and life-changing in almost every single way and you can really use a relaxing afternoon of sniffing melted chocolate candy in diapers, but when you're having a second baby and taking care of a toddler? 

Or when you're adding #4 to your crew that's all under the age of 5 and you literally have no idea how you're going to make it through the day, let alone the next year of infanthood? 

Yeah. That's the mom that definitely needs all the sprinkles she can get.”

So “what is a sprinkle baby shower?” This is a “baby shower lite.” The diet coke of baby showers.

If you are wondering if a baby sprinkle is “tacky” after having a shower for your first baby…. No, it isn’t. It is simply a way to celebrate ALL babies! 

Babies should be treated equally with love both in the womb and out!

From popsugar, “Most of all, though, she helped me realize that unlike a baby shower for one's first child — in which the novice mom-to-be opens up gifts for gadgets she doesn't quite understand while surrounded by well-meaning women giving her advice she can't begin to comprehend — a baby sprinkle is a far more meaningful welcome to motherhood.

There is no end to the amount we shower fellow mamas with love; if anything, we should do it more often!

Remember that pregnant mama may want some time away from her toddler, her to-do list, a break from her every day. She may need her friends and family close to her, to help her rise up to this new season she is about to enter!

Do you bring a gift to a baby sprinkle?

Do you bring a gift to a baby sprinkle

Since the mama-to-be may already have larger items, you could bring things that are expensive to keep up with like diapers, bath products, or even sleep bags! Checkout what is a sleep bag for babies is all about.

If you decide to buy the new baby a sleep bag, the next step is to know about tog. explore what is tog and choose the one that works for all seasons!

If you think baby has all they need, but mom may need some pampering, then a gift certificate for a spa day would be a nice treat.

You could get creative and make some babysitting “coupons” that the new parents can cash in on when the baby has arrived!

What do you buy for a baby sprinkle?

Try to think of some of your favorite baby necessities when you had your first child, or even subsequent ones!

We love hand-me-downs just as much as the next person, but there are still plenty of things second-time parents will need before their new child comes home.

I think it is helpful to also remember the big siblings. Our oldest child received books about becoming a big brother, independent play toys, and a basket of things that would keep him occupied while I was nursing a new baby (that only came out while I was nursing so he didn’t get tired of it)!

Gift cards are helpful; think of things like restaurants they could order takeout from after they bring the new baby home so they aren’t having to worry about meals.

Money to buy those last minute things that you forget about until the baby is actually here is also great to give!

Some moms would appreciate gift certificates for birth photography, newborn photography, a family photo session, or even a postpartum doula!

Baby sprinkles are typically lighter on the wallet than a traditional baby shower and I think everyone can appreciate that.

What is the difference between a baby shower and a sprinkle?

difference between a baby shower and a sprinkle

Usually the size of the party is different (baby showers tend to attract distant relatives, acquaintances, etc) where a sprinkle is more for close family and friends. 

Moms may feel that a baby shower would be “over the top” and something more low-key like a baby sprinkle feels just right. Celebratory, but not outrageous!

You may receive big ticket items like a crib at a baby shower, but a baby sprinkle may just include the essentials (like diapers and wipes).

Typically, moms do not create a registry for a baby sprinkle like they do for a baby shower.

Think of a baby shower as a wedding, where a baby sprinkle is more intimate, like renewing vows.

The decor may also be very different for a baby shower than it is for a baby sprinkle. Baby showers are very focused on the baby, where a baby sprinkle may focus more on the mom!

A baby sprinkle is just not as involved as a baby shower, without all the bells and whistles!

After all, it's a sweet occasion to reunite friends and family, give the older siblings to the new baby a chance to participate, and the expecting mother can always use new baby toys, clothes, and equipment.

How do you throw a baby sprinkle?

How do you throw a baby sprinkle

A baby sprinkle is generally give in third trimester, maybe 2-3 months before mom’s due date. A close friend or family member will typically host the baby sprinkle for you!

You will probably only invite half of the amount of people you invited for the baby shower, maybe even less. You could even make it co-ed and enjoy time with other couples!

It is very important to make sure you word things well on the invitation so that guests who may not know what a baby sprinkle is, have the appropriate expectations when they come to the party.

Something like, “Big Sibling has plenty to share. It’s just a sprinkle to show that we care. Not much is needed. Just the basics will do. Like diapers, wipes, gift cards, and an outfit or two!

Since it is a more relaxed atmosphere, a baby sprinkle will also last for a shorter amount of time than a baby sprinkle, think about 2 hours instead of 3-4 hours. 

If you are planning the party around a meal time, then you could serve appetizers, finger foods, fruit and veggie trays or charcuterie boards. 

Otherwise, a dessert table with cupcakes, cookies, or pastries would be sufficient!

Some couples may choose to have a co-ed party and host an afternoon BBQ which is always fun!

Decide on a gift! If the mom-to-be has registered for gifts, then definitely use that.

If she has not, then some possible ideas would be:

  • Clothing in a variety of sizes
  • Kyte BABY bundler or swaddling blanket
  • Kyte BABY sea sponge, washcloths, hooded bath towels, or brushes
  • Kyte BABY loveys
  • Kyte BABY pajamas
  • Diapers and wipes
  • NoseFrida + baby saline mist or drops
  • Windii (trust me on this one!)
  • Baby wash/shampoo/lotion
  • Baby books
  • Gift cards
  • Postpartum essentials for mom (yes, giant pads and depends may be on the list) but also Kyte BABY’s womens pajamas are a must for after the baby comes!
  • Bibs and burpcloths
  • Monthly subscription boxes (or a subscription to netflix for those late night cluster feedings)
  • Spa basket for mom
  • Meal kit subscription (so many options out there now!)
  • Bottles, pacifiers, pump parts
  • Baby medications they might not know they need until it is 1am and all the stores are closed
  • A larger diaper bag
  • Nipple cream
  • Slumberpod and pack n play for traveling

Basically, think of the “essentials” every new baby or mom would need and go from there!

Some parties will include baby shower games and others will just use the time to mingle and dote on the mom! Either way works.

A fun, low-key game would be a “guess how many” game or if it’s co-ed, guessing how well the guests know the mom and dad to be!

You can also do a baby predictions game where guests will try to predict the birth date, length and width of the baby and the person who gets closest to the actual numbers will win a prize (or course the prize will come after the baby is born)!

Baby sprinkle prizes should be things the winner would actually enjoy, like a pair of movie tickets, candy packaged in a big basket, bottle of wine, or a restaurant gift card!

You can also use this time to create a book for the mom or baby with encouraging words, quotes, or scriptures. Mom can read this book when the newborn days seem long and hard.

If little ones will be at the party, you may set up a coloring station for them to stay occupied! Other things to include would be a stamp pad, sticker book, decorate a onesie, or put together puzzles!

Party favors should be simple. If you are going for a “sprinkle” theme, then you could mod podge large glitter onto votive candle holders. You could also give travel size body wash for the “shower” theme!

Sprinkled goodies like rice krispie treat rolled in chocolate and sprinkles are also a fun favor to give!

Are you familiar with baby sprinkle etiquette? Here are a few points!

baby sprinkle etiquette

  • Word the invitation as a celebration of mommy and not “stock the nursery”, specifically spelling out “no gifts required” (you could do a diaper raffle or book party instead!)
  • Make sure mom is comfortable with you throwing a second (or more) baby shower/sprinkle
  • Don’t expect someone to throw you a sprinkle, this hasn’t been embraced by everyone just yet!
  • On the flip side, it is okay to have more than one sprinkle. If you have one with just close friends, and one with coworkers that is totally fine!
  • If you create a registry, keep it on hand for people if they ask about it, not necessarily included in the invitation
  • Consider a group gift if mom is needing a “big ticket” item
  • Possibly include the big sibling(s)
  • Keep it casual
  • Hostess gifts are thoughtful
  • Thank you cards should still be written (we are in the south, it is what we do!)

According to giggle magazine, “Up until the last few years, baby showers were reserved just for celebrating your first pregnancy. The rules of etiquette only allowed a second shower if you were having your second child right on the heels of your first, requiring two of everything (two cribs, two high chairs, etc.) to accommodate both young ones, or if you were having a child of a different gender.”

What if they’re having twins?! They will definitely need more than what they had with their first child. 

Interesting fact I learned: a baby shower or sprinkle should only be hosted by a non-family member!

Involving the big sibling(s) is great to make them feel included! Here are some ways to include them:

  • Include their names on the invitation
  • Let them choose a game to play, tell everyone how to play, and announce the winner
  • Let them help put up decorations
  • They can cook or bake something fun for the party
  • Allow them to sit close to mom and help open gifts
  • Ask guests to give special advice on how to be a big sibling
  • A special big sibling gift

Spending time with family and including them in the process will definitely ease their anxiety about adding a new member to the family!

Baby Sprinkle Ideas

Baby Sprinkle Ideas

Here are some really cute themes for a baby sprinkle!

  • Sprinkle with love-- this could go 2 different ways! You could focus on the “rain” aspect or the “sprinkle/confetti” aspect! If you go the latter route, an ice cream bar (with extra sprinkles) would be really simple and easy to put togetherIf you are embracing the “sprinkle” theme, then sprinkle donuts, sprinkle rimmed glasses, fill vases with sprinkles for decoration… the list could go on! Possibilities are endless!
  • PampHer-- take the mama to be out for a “spa-mazing” day (see what I did there) so that she can relax before that baby comes
  • New baby is blooming-- this would be really fun and cute for a floral theme especially if mom is having a little girl! A different take would be “showers bring flowers” that would also work as a floral theme
  • A ladies brunch would be a fun, casual way to celebrate mom and baby!
  • “Meal” showers are also a thing apparently! Friends can get together and make a bunch of freezer meals so the new parents do not have to worry about cooking in the first few weeks
  • Beers and bottles themes are growing in popularity for co-ed showers 

Other alternatives to a baby sprinkle include, “A blessingway is another alternative to a shower. It usually doesn't include traditional games or decorations and has more of a spiritual than material component to it. Sometimes, blessingway guests bring a poem as their gift or the guests are asked to bring a bead that somehow represents the mother which is then made into a necklace.

Other popular blessingway activities include: belly casting / henna-ing, washing the mother's feet, brushing her hair or having each guest light a candle while saying something supportive to the mother-to-be.”


So if you are thinking to yourself that you do not need a shower or a baby sprinkle, but the baby still deserves to be celebrated, or you just do not want the pressure of a “gift-giving” celebration, then have everyone over after the baby has arrived!

Sip and see’s are gaining popularity as a way to meet the new baby, love on the new parents, and without the pressure of buying a gift. This allows everyone to come to the new parents while allowing mom to rest after giving birth!

I think it can be helpful to see what you can do before the baby arrives to help new parents ease into their roles and just make life easier for them!

However, I am sure the new parents would not mind someone holding the baby while they nap, take a shower, eat a meal, or even if someone just did the dishes for them.

Remember that a baby sprinkle is a great way to celebrate a growing family and new baby. 

You should always do what feels right for you and your family-- you can throw whatever kind of party you would like! Just remember that every baby deserves to be shown the love your first one was shown!

There are no set rules for these kinds of things. If a baby sprinkle makes sense for you, then go for it!


Ashley Olson is a certified pediatric sleep consultant, owner of Heaven Sent Sleep, and passionate about helping new parents experienced parents, desperate and sleep-deprived parents form healthy sleep habits for their children.

She has over 3 years of experience in working with families and has completed over 150 hours of coursework plus continuing education related to infant and toddler sleep. The focus of her work is on fostering a routine that grows your bond with your child while improving their sleep habits. She specializes in custom sleep plans and one on one support in changing sleep practices!


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