Baby Sleeping in a Bamboo Sleep Bag Pale Blue Ice Color

What is a Sleep Bag, Sleep Sack, or Wearable blanket?

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Baby Sleeping in a Ice Blue Sleep Bag

What is a Sleep Bag, Sleep Sack, or Wearable blanket?

A sleep bag can be referred to as a sleep sack, or a wearable blanket. This replaces a loose blanket in the crib and is a safer alternative when your child is still at risk for SIDS (under a year old). The ​safe sleep guidelines​ as outlined by the AAP instruct parents to keep the crib space bare with no loose objects, blankets, pillows, toys, etc. Only a tight fitted sheet is approved! A Kyte BABY sleep bag​ is beneficial in keeping your sleep space safe while transitioning out of a traditional swaddle. A traditional swaddle will restrict arm movement and must be discontinued by 8 weeks of age or when they show signs of rolling, whichever is ​first.​ A sleep bag or wearable blanket does not restrict arm movement so it is perfect to use when a child starts rolling and getting more mobile in their sleep space. It moves with them and will not get tangled up or thrown to the side ensuring a more comforting sleep experience for your little one.

What are they made of?

Kyte Baby sleep bags are made of bamboo rayon fabric which is extremely soft, hypoallergenic, and feels amazing on your little one’s delicate skin. It’s more breathable and temperature regulating than any other fabric. It’s three degrees cooler than cotton! It is loose enough on the body to ensure proper hip development but fitted enough around the arms and chest to keep them snug and cozy. A proper fit in a sleep bag means it can not be pulled up over their face like a loose blanket, keeping them nice and safe in their sleep. No wiggling out of their sleep bag!

Why Kyte Baby sleep bags?

The benefit to using a sleep bag is that it provides warmth and helps regulate their body temperature without increasing their risk of suffocation. You don’t have to worry about how to keep them comfortable at night (which means more sleep for you)! If you’re not sure which sleep bag to get, check out this guide to the ​different TOGs​ (or thickness) and ​how to choose the right one ​for your family. This allows you to increase or decrease the layers of clothing you use depending on the weather, season, and room temperature. Layer our different ​footies, rompers, or bodysuits​ under the sleep bag for the perfect sleep environment! The Kyte Baby sleep bags also keep your baby cool with the breathability of the fabric and the open arm holes. An absolute must for any baby in any climate! Overheating is a risk factor for SIDs so being able to fine tune the layers helps keep your baby even more safe.

An added bonus of using a sleep bag is that it creates a positive sleep association for your child. This means that when you use your Kyte Baby sleep bag, your baby knows that sleep is coming. When they expect sleep, it’s much easier for them to go to sleep and stay asleep. By using the sleep bag for each sleep, it’s something that your child learns is a key aspect to their sleep routine, creating an enjoyable routine for everyone! A sleep bag is easy to pack and travel with so that means better sleep in unfamiliar places. It’s also important to note that these sleep bags are designed to be used through 36 months of age; that’s a lot of good sleep ahead for you and your baby.

Kyte Baby sleep bags also feature a double zipper, meaning you don’t have to completely undress baby for middle of the night diaper changes. This gets everyone back to sleep faster with as little disruption to your night as possible.
When should you use a sleep bag?

When should you use a Sleep Bag?

If your child is starting to fight their swaddle, starting to show signs of rolling (or is approaching 8 weeks of age), you’re concerned about temperature regulation, are tempted to use a blanket for a child under 1, or you’re having difficulty keeping your adventurous toddler from climbing out of the crib, give the Kyte Baby sleep bag a try! It doesn’t hurt that they come in adorable colors and patterns that your little one with grow to love.

Baby Sleeping Can Roll Over in a Bamboo Sleep Bag

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