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Building the Best Kyte Baby Registry

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First things first, congratulations! A new baby is a blessing and parenthood is the adventure of a lifetime. Before the fun begins, however, you endure nine long, looooong months of less-than ideal symptoms. Pregnancy has its joys, of course, but it’s also a period during which you’re perpetually exhausted, forgetful, sick (from nausea to sciatica, it’s the gift that keeps on giving), and having trouble sleeping (if the insomnia doesn’t get you, the needing-to-pee-every-five-seconds will). Thankfully, the good moments are really good. Feeling your baby kick for the first time? One of the most wonderful feelings in the world. Living in maternity clothes and never feeling the discomfort of a tight waistband after a meal? Truly the best part. Letting your friends and family go crazy on your baby registry, so you get to open present after present like it’s Christmas? Priceless. 

Now, it’s not like all of those presents are just for fun. Babies do actually need a lot of things. For humans so tiny, they need a shocking number of things to keep them comfortable and safe, and that first year can get expensive. From basic necessities, like a car seat, stroller, and crib, to clothing that they seem to outgrow every week, preparing for a baby means stocking your house with a ton of big and small items whose price tags add up to a hefty amount. And, thankfully, that’s why baby registries exist. The excitement that a new baby brings is infectious, and those excited people love to help out the expecting parents. Creating a baby registry is an easy, organized way to not only make sure that all your needs are covered, but also prevent people from purchasing the same item twice and leaving you with more than you need. Some popular places to register include Target, Amazon, Babylist, and now Kyte Baby.

With the Kyte Baby Registry, you'll earn a free hedgehog bib when you add 25 unique items to your registry, and after purchase of $35 or more is made. You'll also earn a 15% completion discount that can be used on a single order up to $500 for a max of $75 value. *Your completion discount is valid for 60 days before your due date, and 90 days after. You will not be eligible for another completion discount for 12 months.

Here’s everything we recommend adding to your registry, so your little one can be pampered to perfection with our softer-than-soft bamboo wear.

Kyte Baby Registry Checklist


Swaddle blanket: Cut in soft, stretchy bamboo rayon, this swaddle blanket is lightweight and breathable. It stretches for a perfectly snug fit that comforts your little one while keeping them at the right temperature.

XS sleep bags in 1.0 TOG: If your baby hates being swaddled, is an early roller, or is on the smaller side, this XS sleep bag may be the perfect sleepwear solution to keep your little one safe and happy.!

S sleep bags in 1.0 TOG: Zipping your little one up in this super soft wearable blanket is an essential step in their bedtime routine. 1.0 TOG is the perfect year-round option.

Crib sheets: The buttery, smooth material caresses your baby’s skin and lulls them to sleep with the sweetest dreams.


Change pad covers: Made from soft, stretchy bamboo fabric, these change pad covers soothe your baby’s skin during every diaper change.

Sea sponge: These all-natural sponges gently cleanse your baby’s skin while also nourishing it with healthy sea minerals. 

Washcloths: Versatile and exceedingly gentle on your little one’s skin, these bamboo washcloths have supreme absorbency for easy cleanup.

Hooded bath towels: Crafted from soft, plush bamboo terry, these hooded bath towels keep your baby dry and warm after bath time.


3-piece brush set: A beautiful brush set that’s heirloom quality and suited for all your baby’s hair care needs.


Bib: Ultra-absorbent and antibacterial, this bib is made from bamboo rayon that’s soft and comfortable around your little one’s neck.

Burp cloth: Soft, antibacterial bamboo absorbs mess efficiently to make feeding and burping easier.


Car seat cover: This multi-use car seat cover can be used to protect your baby from the elements, as a nursing cover, or a shopping cart cover.

Baby blanket: Crafted from the softest fabric in the world, this baby blanket will keep your little one cozy during car and stroller rides.

Ring sling: Keep your little one close and happy, while leaving your arms free to do whatever else you need to do!


Scratch mittens: Made with the eczema baby in mind, these bamboo mittens are gentle on your baby’s delicate skin and keep their fingernails from scratching.

Baby bonnet: A sweet, timeless accessory for your baby that ties under the chin for a secure fit.

Knotted cap: Soft, breathable bamboo fabric keeps your little one’s head at the perfect temperature.

Bamboo jersey beanie: This cozy beanie is a must-have accessory for winter. The soft material stretches for a snug fit and keeps your little one perfectly toasty.

Zippered rompers: Perfect for sleep or play, these zippered rompers are a quick, adorable outfit that’s easy to put on and easy to take off.

Zippered footies: These bamboo footies keep little toes warm and help regulate your baby’s body temperature.

Short sleeve bodysuits: A year-round essential, these bodysuits are the perfect base layer for any outfit.

Long sleeve bodysuits: Long sleeves keep little arms warm, while a snap closure at the legs makes for easy diaper changes.

Bamboo jersey hooded zippered romper: Made from soft, stretchy bamboo jersey, this hooded romper is the perfect coverall for cooler days.

Bamboo jersey hooded jacket: Soft and breathable bamboo jersey makes this jacket 

Shortalls: An all-in-one outfit that looks oh-so-cute on your little one during the warmer months.

Bummies: Made for warm weather, these bummies are perfect for throwing over a bodysuit.

Pants: Cut in a loose harem fit, these pants are comfortable, breathable, and grow with your baby.

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