Are Infant Sleep Sacks Safe?

Are Infant Sleep Sacks Safe?

Sleep sacks (also referred to as sleep bags or wearable blankets) are a popular baby item, and for lots of good reasons! But if they’re not used properly, they can be unsafe (which we don’t want). So in this blog, we will cover the following topics:

  • are baby sleep bags safe for newborns?
  • safest sleep sacks for babies?
  • are weighted baby sleep sacks safe?
  • do sleep sacks help prevent sids?
  • do sleep sacks help babies sleep?
  • at what age are sleep sacks safe?
  • are sleep sacks safe for babies who can roll over?
  • are sleep sacks safe for babies who can stand or walk?

are baby sleep bags safe for newborns?

A newborn can technically wear a sleep bag from birth as long as it fits them well. Most newborns will prefer to be swaddled, but not every baby (and not every parent wants to swaddle). So a sleep bag can be a great option that gives you peace of mind about your baby’s temperature, creates a positive sleep association, and isn’t something that you have to transition out of later.

The new XS sleep bags will fit a newborn from 7-13lbs so you can have peace of mind that they're wearing the right size!

safe sleep sacks

safest sleep sacks for babies?

The safest sleep sack for a baby will be one that fits properly. When we consider proper fit, we also want to consider the proper TOG that doesn’t cause your baby to overheat (as this is a risk factor for SIDS). 

We also encourage you to use a sleep sack that allows for healthy hip development. We don’t want any restrictions around their hips, we want it nice and roomy– this allows for their hips to move!

safest sleep sacks

are weighted baby sleep sacks safe?

Here’s a blog about weighted sleep products that you can check out for more information. The general consensus is to not use anything weighted for an infant without the supervision or recommendation from a physician or other healthcare provider (like an occupational therapist) because you’ll want to use something that has the proper weight ratio for your specific child.

do sleep sacks help prevent sids?

Sleep sacks themselves do not prevent SIDS, but the idea is that by using a wearable blanket (the sleep sack), you’re eliminating the risk of suffocation and strangulation by not using a loose blanket in the crib. 

A sleep sack/wearable blanket will always be safer than a loose blanket in the crib and that does reduce the risk of an event happening.

are weighted sleep sacks safe

do sleep sacks help babies sleep?

Sleep sacks are a helpful sleep cue/sleep association for babies. Meaning, when you put them into their sleep sack, they associate it with sleep and therefore have an easier time transitioning from awake to asleep. 

This is especially helpful when you don’t have a lot of other associations, like when you’re traveling. Some babies just need to be handed their sleep sack while they’re in the car and can drift off to sleep more easily!

at what age are sleep sacks safe?

There’s no specific age where a sleep sack ISN’T safe! Which is a great thing, because you can use it from birth (as long as it fits) or until you decide to not use one any longer.

are sleep sacks safe when babies roll over

are sleep sacks safe for babies who can roll over

Sleep sacks are preferable for babies who can roll (as opposed to a swaddle). The sleep sack allows for free movement without being a loose blanket in the crib and thus does not increase the risk of SIDS or ASSB for babies.

safe sleep bags when walking

are sleep sacks safe for babies who can stand or walk?

Parents may choose to transition to a sleep bag walker (ones with leg holes) once babies are standing or crawling for peace of mind. Some parents will fear a little one will trip if they’re standing or walking in a sleep bag, but it won’t cause them any major harm as they’re in a safe space. 

Wearing a sleep sack in the crib can help to prevent little limbs from getting through the slats and may deter crib climbing when they’re older since it doesn’t make it as easy to walk around in– which is honestly a win if you’ve ever had a child climb out of their crib well before they’re mature enough to be in a bed!

abcs of safe sleep

In summary, sleep sacks are totally safe for infants and recommended by the AAP for use while in a crib to decrease the use of loose blankets.

Author Bio: Ashley Olson is a certified pediatric sleep consultant, owner of Heaven Sent Sleep and The Collective for Family Rest and Wellness, and passionate about helping new parents, experienced parents, desperate and sleep-deprived parents form healthy sleep habits for their children.

She has over 4 years of experience in working with families and has completed over 150 hours of coursework plus continuing education related to infant and toddler sleep. The focus of her work is on fostering a routine that grows your bond with your child while improving their sleep habits. She specializes in custom sleep plans and one on one support in changing sleep practices!

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