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Grandparents' Day Gift Guide

It’s an understatement to say that grandparents hold a special place in children’s hearts for a lifetime. They come in all shapes and sizes, and whether they’re your maternal grandparents, paternal grandparents, or ones that aren’t blood-related, you can always count on your grandma or grandpa to be a boundless source of unconditional love and wholehearted support. As a child, the memories made with your grandparents are probably some of your most cherished today. Their house was the gathering place for family events, they always managed to sneak extra cookies or sweets when your parents weren’t looking, and they always told the best stories. It’s these core memories that make it all that more special when you have children of your own and you get to watch your own parents fill those big shoes. Witnessing your parents become grandparents is one of the greatest joys in life. They say it takes a village, and grandparents are often a huge part of that village. Happily and unselfishly, they shoulder some of the burden that comes with raising a baby, supporting and guiding new parents through the fog of the hardest years.

The role grandparents play in the lives of young children is an important one that produces a mutually beneficial relationship. Studies have shown that grandparents who are actively involved in their grandchildren’s lives are more physically active, with lower levels of stress and depressive moods. Children who have a close bond with their grandparents have fewer emotional and behavioral problems. Both these grandparents and their grandchildren are less likely to experience anxiety, loneliness, and/or depression. With even studies to back up what we already knew, there’s no question that grandparents play an essential role in society. Falling on the first Sunday in September after Labor Day each year, Grandparents’ Day is a time to express our gratitude for the special people who make every day significantly better. Use our gift guide below to get the perfect gift for the grandparents in your life, and one that they’ll actually love and use for years to come. 

grandparents' day gift guide for grandma


1. Bamboo Jersey Cardigan

Soft, cozy, and cut in a long, flattering length, this cardigan is made from durable and breathable bamboo jersey. Whether you dress it up or down, it’s sure to add a classic finish to any outfit.

2. Women’s Lounge Robe

Nothing says self-care like a luxuriously soft robe, and nobody deserves it more than Grandma. Crafted from buttery, breathable bamboo fabric, this robe is secured with a tie waist for a adjustable fit.

3. Women’s Lounge Pants

These lounge pants are everything you could want from pajama pants: silky soft, perfectly cozy, and not too warm. A drawstring waist creates an adjustable fit so you can make them as tight or as loose as you want.

4. Adult Quilted Blanket in 2.5 TOG

Meet the blanket of your dreams. 2.5 TOG makes this quilted blanket perfectly plush and cozy, while the bamboo fabric always feels cool to the touch. The silky material is soothing for sensitive skin and so soft, it lulls you straight to sleep.

5. Women’s V-Neck Tee

Cut in a relaxed fit, this soft tee drapes flatteringly on every body type. Built-in stretch allows you to move comfortably and with ease, while the highly breathable material always keeps you at the perfect temperature. 

grandparents' day gift guide for grandpa


1. Men’s Jogger Set

Lightweight, breathable, and still super cozy, this two-piece pajama set is perfect for sleeping and lounging. The soft, buttery material feels luxurious on even the most sensitive skin, making it even harder to get out of bed in the mornings. The cooling properties of the bamboo rayon keep you at the perfect temperature so you never feel too hot or too cold.

2. Adult Bath Robe

Make every shower or bath feel like a spa experience with this hotel-worthy bathrobe. Made from ultra plush bamboo terry, this robe is both super soft and highly absorbent, cutting drying time in half (although you’ll want to keep the robe on anyway). 

3. Men’s Crew Neck Tee

This essential crew neck tee is the perfect base layer for any outfit. Soft, stretchy bamboo fabric keeps you cool and comfortable even under another shirt or jacket, while looking stylishly cool on its own. Whether you dress it up or down, you’re sure to find yourself reaching for this classic piece time and time again.

4. Men’s Lounge Pants

Exceptionally soft and comfortable, these lounge pants will make you never want to leave your home again. The lightweight, cool material is breathable enough to keep you from overheating even in the summer months, while still staying cozy and warm enough on chilly nights. 

5. Adult Quilted Blanket in 1.0 TOG

Make overheating a thing of the past with this too-perfect-to-believe blanket. 1.0 TOG makes it truly suitable for year-round use, while the breathable bamboo fabric always feels pleasantly cool to the touch. No more tossing and turning, feeling too hot with the covers on, and too cold with them off. Temperature-regulating bamboo is the Goldilocks of fabric, keeping you feeling just right all night long.

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