My first night with a Kyte BABY Adult Blanket

There’s this space in our conscience where all the warm and fuzzies live. We go there at night right before we fall asleep, and we wake up there from our afternoon nap. To get there though, we must be balanced- mind and body. There are things we can do to create this balance among daily stress traffic, like finding complete physical comfort.

Think for a second about what total comfort looks like. Is it a warm breeze on your face while you lay under a sun umbrella? Or maybe it’s a restorative pose at the end of your yoga class when your legs run up the wall and your arms are crossed over your heart. For me, it’s the smell of lavender essential oils and the wrap-around of an incredibly soft Kyte BABY adult blanket.

I got my first Kyte BABY Adult Blanket a month ago, and I’m absolutely obsessed. When I first opened the package, I knew that this would be something I’d wrap around my family and treasure for years. With both hands gently gripping the long edge of my brand-new bamboo blanket, I tossed it into the air over my bed. I smoothed out the wrinkles and folded back the top making a clean place to lay my head. I eagerly awaited nightfall, not yet knowing that tonight would bring the best sleep I’d had in weeks.

The first thing I wanted to do after I crawled in bed (unusually early might I add because I just couldn’t wait) was to rub my face on the blanket- it was THAT soft. I wore short pajamas so that most of my skin could feel that silky, all-natural fabric. It’s summer in Texas, so my fan was on high as I escaped the world from underneath my bamboo blanket. The blanket is weighted so I found that it hugged me as I slipped into my warm and fuzzy space.

As I slept, my dreams were happy and my body never overheated. The fabric is so breathable! I first woke feeling like I couldn’t possibly leave my haven. As I opened my eyes though, I realized that I was completely rested and ready to jump out of bed. I carried my body so confidently the following day that people took notice. They asked me why I looked so refreshed and all I could do was gush about my new bamboo blanket from Kyte BABY!


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image of kyte baby review

With 10 modern colors to choose from, Kyte BABY adult blankets will complement any home décor. Get one to drape over your couch arm for those Sunday morning Netflix binges. After you bring one home though, you’ll be racing back to to buy a second for him so you don’t have to share! Check out the entire collection.

Written By Dani Haberly  

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