Boating with Kids- 5 Safety Tips

It’s summer and the water is cool and refreshing- the perfect temperature to take a dip. The kids love being on the boat, so you cleared the schedule for every Saturday in July to be with family on the water. Before you set sail though, there are a few things you can’t afford to forget when taking your minis boating.


1. Lifejacket

    THE most important thing to remember when you are on the boat soaking up the sun with your kids is that everyone should wear a lifejacket! The law is different on this depending on where you are, sometimes adults aren’t required to wear one unless in the water, but your children should wear a lifejacket AT ALL TIMES. Your diligence here could save their lives.


    2. Designated Seating 

    When the boat is in motion, the kids should be sitting down in their designated seat. Don’t allow your children to be up and moving around when you’re cruising along. Waves are bumpy, and the safest place to be when the boat hits a wake is in your seat.


    3. Buddy System

    Don’t take your small child out on the boat by yourself. You always need to have at least one person with eyes on your kid. If you’re driving the boat, you should have another adult whose sole responsibility is to watch the little ones.


    4. Sunscreen

    This one you already knew, and I’m sure you are stocked up on mineral-based sunscreen but reapplication is worth mentioning. When out on the boat, you should reapply sunscreen on your child every 2 hours- more often on sensitive skin like the face, shoulders and chest. Make sure your child’s skin is protected.



    Most boats have a shade visor that you can raise over the top of the boat when anchored. If your boat doesn’t have one of these, keep a sun umbrella stored safely aboard. You don’t want your little one to be overexposed to the sun. Make sure your child has access to a shady sanctuary when their skin has had enough.


    Being in the sun on the boat can take a lot out of you. When you return home, after their bath, you’ll want something super soft to put on their sun-soaked skin for a nap. Take a look at our entire collection of all-natural, bamboo baby clothing, blankets and sleep bags- perfect for your mini sailor!

    Written by Dani Haberly


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