Newborns sleeping through the night, how?

Sleep is everything, especially to new parents and their growing minis. With an hour here and there, you may start to feel unsatisfied and foggy. Getting some rest as a sleepy new mom is vitally important, this we know. For your new babe to get the right kind of sleep, when the sun is down and the grownups are tired, is paramount. So how do we get our newborn to sleep through the night?


It may feel impossible, downright ridiculous now, but hang in there! To get your newborn on an attainable sleep schedule you must first establish to them when is day and when is night. In the womb, your baby sleeps while you’re up and moving around during the day. After you lay still at bedtime, your baby wakes and decides wickedly that now must be the best time to kick. After you give birth, their world is turned upside down and their sleep schedule is backwards.

Here are a few simple things you can do to help them grasp the bedtime concept.



image of sky at day in a cloudyDuring an idyllic day, the sun is out and the afternoon is bright and shiny. If you have the opportunity, take them for outings and keep them awake and engaged. Talk to them, be chatty. Daytime should be noisy. During day feedings and even naps, keep the blinds open and let the sunlight in. If you’re home on a quiet cloudy day, tune the radio dial and flip those lights on; stage the house to mimic a more typical afternoon. This will clearly demonstrate when it’s time to be active.



image of sky nightAs the evening approaches, dim the lights and stifle the noise. Initiate a regular before-bedtime activity like reading a story or giving them a bath. Your newborn will soon sync and link this activity with nighttime sleep. In the nursery, set a serene atmosphere to signal it’s time to relax. Make sure to keep the conversation to a minimum and avoid turning on the lights during night feedings. Keeping a dark and cozy home at bedtime will coax your little one into a sleep-full night (crossing our fingers!).

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Written by Dani Haberly

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