Home Remedies for Baby Skin Allergies

Babies have delicate skin new to this world full of allergens and irritants. It’s the absolute worst when your baby’s skin breaks out into a rash or hives. They can’t help but scratch, being itchy and uncomfortable and we feel helpless. Allergies happen, but there are a few all-natural remedies you as a parent can administer to help your baby get some relief.



You probably already have this in your kitchen cabinet, making oatmeal a perfect home remedy. When added to bath water, all-natural oatmeal (no added sugar!) can relieve itching caused by nasty skin allergies. Plus, who doesn’t love bath time!?

image of oatmeal


With healing properties such as camphor and thymol, basil is a great asset to have stocked in the home for cooking as well as a skin aid. Crush a handful of fresh basil and rub gently onto the inflamed area for relief from itching.

image of basil herbs


Mint is cooling to the skin, which is exactly what you’d want to put on a rash that’s hot to the touch. Sprinkle dry mint into a pot of boiling water. Let simmer and then cool before straining. Dip a washcloth into the infusion, and dab the irritated skin to soothe.

image of mint leaves

Organic Banana Peel

Believe it or not, some fruit peels have properties that are calming to the skin. Gently rub the peel of your morning banana (organic!) on your baby’s rash and watch for healing results.

image of banana peel

Essential Oils

There are a ton of essentials oils that combat irritated, itchy skin. What works will be based on the individual. Trial and error is the best approach to finding the right essential oil for you and your baby’s skin. Start with Lavender oil, great for treating eczema flare-ups.

image of essential oils

Give some of these all-natural remedies a try as an aid to your baby’s skin irritants. In addition, try clothing your baby in breathable bamboo fabric from Kyte BABY.  We also carry soft and hypoallergenic washcloths and scratch mittens perfect for your baby’s skin.

Written By Dani Haberly

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