The Importance of Routine at Bedtime for Toddlers

Toddlers take in new stimulus every day- new information and new emotions. There is so much new in their daily lives, and we as parents need to be sure that there is also stability. Stability at home is so important, especially at bedtime. When the day is done and it’s time to quiet their mind, we need to build a routine that ends in sweet dreams.

First, you must pick a bedtime that works best for your family and stick to it. When that has been established, there should a nightly countdown of sorts. An hour or so before you’d like your toddler to be asleep, run the bath. Bathtime will initiate the bedtime sequence.

Let them play with their rubber duckies and bubbles- make bathtime fun but no screaming. This is a time to wind them down, not amp them up. Cleanse their delicate skin with one of your all-natural, bamboo  Washcloths. Dim the bathroom lights and give them a 5-minute head-ups before you pull the plug.

The water is gone and they’re ready to get out. Next, let them pick out their favorite Kyte BABY Toddler Pajama Set. Minis love it when you let them make their own decisions. Make sure to keep a clean stock always in the same dresser drawer in their room. Once they’ve picked Aussie, because they love koalas even though they can’t pronounce the word, pull the incredibly soft shirt over their head and slip their clean little toes into the matching bamboo pants.

Once they’re dressed and ready for bed, wrap them in your coveted Adult Blanket and settle in for storytime. Open their favorite book- the one that ends with happily ever after. Their eyes are closed and you stay there still, just a few more moments because you can’t imagine life without this precious little person. Wake and repeat.

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Written By Dani Haberly

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