Calming Tips for Labor

We work really hard. There are only so many hours in a day, and we spend most of those hours working- even if that looks more like making microwave mac and cheese while soothing a screaming toddler, rather than deskwork and office deadlines.

Parents work incredibly hard on their families knowing that it’s necessary as well as rewarding. For mamas in particular, one of the most amazing rewards after nine long months of morning sickness, mood swings and backaches is the birth of their precious child. The preceding labor is a different kind of work all together, and we are celebrating that this weekend!


Moms, you know labor is hard- harder for some than others but it’s definitely no cakewalk. Today we want to rejoice in the fruits of your labor with 20% off your entire order (LABOR20) all weekend (Noon Friday, Sept. 1 – Midnight Monday, Sept. 4) as well as a few all-natural tips that can make your labor more pleasant and relaxing.



The anticipation of birth can be stressful, so before the journey begins, utilize essential oils like lavender to ease muscle tension and calm the mind. Chamomile is another wonderful oil that will induce relaxation and Frankincense has pain relieving properties you’ll surely want to take advantage of. You can diffuse these into the room or combine and roll onto various pressure points.


Labor is a rollercoaster of physical and emotional ups and downs. Anything you can do to make yourself more comfortable will ensure a more enjoyable experience. Remember, this is a miracle- bringing new life into this world is a privilege you’ll want to be fully present for. 

Don’t forget to pack your favorite Kyte BABY washcloths. A refreshingly cool, moistened bamboo washcloth can do wonders for regulating your temperature and soothing your mind. Try adding a few drops of your favorite essential oil combinations to a bowl of cold water, roll your bamboo washcloth in the mixture and use to dab the back of your neck. Then lay it over your face, inhale.


You’ve done it. All of your hard work has paid off and now there’s a brand-new mini in your arms. You just can’t believe how wonderful this feeling is and how all the tears before were completely worth it. When it’s time to go home, change out of your gown and into your silky soft bamboo Loungewear. Once you’re comfortable and ready, dress your little baby in their adorable Kyte BABY pajamas. They are now wrapped in the same incredibly soft comfort that you are. It’s time to start your lives together, enjoy the fruits of your labor Mom!

image of labor mom

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 Written By Dani Haberly 

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