What is a Sleep Bag? And Why You’ll Want to Use Them

What is a Sleep Bag? And Why You’ll Want to Use Them

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You may have run across them while you were filling up your baby registry, you may have heard other moms talking about them, or you may have received one from the hospital when your new bundle was born, but what is a sleep bag anyway?  And can one really help your baby sleep more safely and comfortably all night long?


What is a Sleep Bag?

The best description of a sleep bag is a wearable blanket.  Think a sleeping bag for camping only more lightweight and with armholes.  A safer alternative to swaddling or loose blankets, sleep bags help regulate your baby’s body temperature without the risk of suffocation.  A sleep bag provides warmth and softness without the confinement of swaddling as well.

Kyte BABY Sleep Bags have the additional benefit of being made from ultra soft bamboo fabric that not only adds more snuggle, it also is more gentle on your baby’s sensitive skin and is more breathable and cooling than other fabrics.  Kyte BABY Sleep Bags come in three different weights, or TOG ratings.  This allows you to finely tune your baby’s layers to match the ambient temperature to give her just the right amount of warmth.  You can vary the Kyte BABY layette that you layer underneath the Sleep Bag as well.


How Do Sleep Bags Benefit Your Baby’s Sleep?

Your baby’s little body is working very hard to grow and learn new things.  While she may be getting pretty good at smiling, she’s not very good at regulating her own body temperature.  That’s where a Sleep Bag comes in.  Not only does a Sleep Bag provide the warmth that your baby needs during the cooler months, the armholes and fabric are also cooling should your baby get too warm during the night.  A Sleep Bag does all of this without the danger of suffocation that comes with loose blankets and without the constriction of swaddling. 

The American Academy of Pediatrics, in their safe sleep guidelines, instructs parents to lay their baby in a bare crib with no blankets, pillows, or toys, just a fitted crib sheet to best prevent SIDS. They have shown that becoming too warm can be a risk factor for SIDS as well.  A Sleep Bag helps with both of these concerns.  The three different TOG ratings will help to keep your baby comfortable and safe in any temperature.  Check out these guidelinesas a quick reference for how to dress your baby at night.

When it comes to safe and comfortable sleep for your sweet baby, Kyte BABY Sleep Bags should be number one on your list of essentials.  Sleep Bags provide a safe method to help your baby regulate his body temperature while being soft and gentle on the skin.  As an added bonus, Kyte BABY Sleep Bags have an ergonomically placed zipper to help you with those late night diaper changes and dare I say it, they’re adorable to boot.  Not only are Sleep Bags available for your babies, they come in sizes up to 36 months to keep your toddlers safe and comfortable as well.

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