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Which Kyte BABY Sleep bag for tonight’s temps?

Cozy, comfy, safe and snug; this is how your baby feels tucked into a sleep bag*. After you and your baby have felt Kyte BABY sleep bags, you’ll know they’re the best on your skin and provide the opportunity for amazing sleep.

So the question isn’t why a sleep bag, its which sleep bag is best for tonight’s temperatures.


By Dani Haberly


We know weather is fickle, so as mamas, we are stocked with tiny clothes for all conditions.

Whether you’re enjoying the warm spring-like temps of Destin, Florida or the chilly flake-laced breezes in Calabogie, Ontario, we know you must put down the baby tonight. As you rummage through the drawers in your nursery dresser looking for the perfect PJs, remember these helpful tips from child sleep consultant Krista Guenther at Sleeperific.
Hot (26+ degree C/78+ degrees F)

The day was boiling, think heat waves and boob sweat. Your AC is working a double and you’re praying for nightfall as it may lower the outside temp a mere five degrees. Your baby is hot, tired and ready for bed. Tonight, a soft Sunshine Onesie, perfect for keeping them cool and comfortable through the night.




Warmer (24-25 degrees C/75-77 degrees F)

The sun drops from the sky as evening approaches and you feel warmth from the day’s leftover heat on your cheek. It’s dark and you are still in your shorts on the porch. A warm breeze hits your baby’s face and they try contently to keep their eyes open but fail. It’s time to dress for bed. Tonight, a cozy .5 tog* Pond Sleep Bag over a Grass Onesie, a comfy sleeping alternative to a light crib blanket.




Warm (22-23 degrees C/71-74 degrees F)

You wore jeans with your t-shirt today. Inside at dusk feels fairly normal, regulated at “room temp”. You might have a fan rotating above your bed slowly, just to circulate air. Your baby is quiet and ready to be snuggled. Tonight, a .5 tog Twilight Sleep Bag over a Storm Romper, giving them a bit more warmth without overheating.



Cool (20-21 degrees C/69-70 degrees F)

Seasons are changing, and the temperatures begin drop. Breezes are cooler and flannels start to appear on moms with leggings. Your baby is loving the warmth of your touch. Tonight, a 1.0 tog Stampede Sleep Bag over a Cobalt Romper, accommodating for a cooler nursery.




Cooler (18-19 degrees C/64-68 degrees F)

It’s cold. You hold your hot coffee between your palms for a long time before drinking it. Jackets and fuzzy socks, central heat and couch blankets. Your baby’s toes are chilly. Tonight, a 1.0 tog Leaf Sleep Bag over a Rain Forest Footie, keeping their feet cozy.




Cold (16-17 degrees C/61-63 degrees F)

Snow is up to your knees. You and your baby both have knotted caps and mittens on in the car during your Sunday grocery store run. Later, the ashes from the fireplace are still smoldering as you carry their sleepy head off to bed. Tonight, a 2.5 tog Clay Sleep Bag over a Woodland Footie, ensuring they are warm and toasty until morning.



*also called “sleep sacks”

*TOG is a rating system that measures warmth and calculates how quickly a fabric uses heat. It is the standard when choosing the appropriate sleeping bag for your baby depending on the ambient temperature in their nursery.

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