Sleepy first-time moms, get some rest!

Foggy bubble; that’s where your new-mommy head is this afternoon, after 72 minutes of sleep last night. Your brain feels like overstimulated mush, and you think your greasy hair might soon give up and just fall out.

Here at Kyte BABY, we care more about treasured sleep than almost anything else- sleep for you and sleep for your precious little one. Without a good night’s sleep, and let’s face it, an afternoon power nap, we are walking zombies with energy sucking minis on our hip.


Many say that’s life with a newborn. As much as we agree with this inevitability, it must be noted that things can be done to lessen the initial exhaustion. has some tips that we think are right on point.


Step 1. Buddy system

Designate a special person who, from now on since you pushed a baby out of your body, will be there for you in times of overwhelming fatigue. When you just need a minute of lid-closing peace, call on them.


Step 2. Shut it down

It’s time, the perfect window of opportunity…for some shuteye. Before you go down, make sure you’ve set the scene. Lights off, curtains closed, TV off, clean sheets (relatively, I mean c’mon you’re a new mom), comfy pillows and maybe even one of those masks that goes over your eyes to block out life..I mean light. This will help you get the most out of your limited sleep.


Step 3. When they snooze, you snooze

This may seem like the obvious one, a tip all mothers that came before you have spouted for years, but you know what they say- it’s an oldie but goodie. Sleep when your newborn sleeps! Seriously, take advantage of this quiet time for your sanity and that of those around you.


Step 4. Track your sleep

If you’re super into analytics and budgeting, you’ll love this one. It’s important to be aware of your sleep patterns. Get a sense of how much sleep you need to be joyfully present when you’re awake. Some moms need more than others.


Now go, sleep on new mommies! Enjoy the sleep of your little one and take care of yourself.

In need of something cozy to snuggle them up in? Check out our line of incredibly soft sleep bags made from breathable bamboo, guaranteed comfort for them and peace of mind for you.

Written by Dani Haberly

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